When did it start?
Before I say anything, check out my First Post. Let me also add that...this exclusive journey started April 2013 but I officially began posting October 2013.

What inspired me:
I was full of imagination as a child and I had passion for acting and writing, I wanted to be an actress and a newscaster but fate said No! I am happy this way all the same.

What I do:
I have very few friends and I don't get close to people because I love watching people's attitude before getting close to them. I wouldn't wanna hurt anyone and I always try to be nice to people because I believe that's what life is all about.

What I can never do:
I don't share my clothes or what ever I use with people even foot wears, Na Na!! I try as much as possible to be myself and make do with what I have. I call that discipline.

My weakness;
Don't try to push this gentle diva to the wall cos when she is angry, you  just wouldn't like it!

I wish Exclusivetins blog will become a place where so many people read, get inspired, motivated, entertained, learn more and keep the love of humanity growing stronger. I wish I could reach out to the world through this blog and share the gospel of unity, love, and sincere friendship.

I know I'm not a perfect being hence I seek for more power "Knowledge" from my intelligent readers through their opinions on the comment box.

Note that this blog content is a combination of reality, beautiful discoveries, nuggets of my imaginations, and tales of people all in the quest to create a good piece suitable to entertain, motivate, inspire and learn.

I do not claim that I am totally the original author of all contents on this blog but in a case where the work of another person is published here I try to link to the original source or give reference to that person. Hence, else otherwise stated I AM THE OWNER OF THIS BLOG CONTENTS, They are offsprings of my inner mind.


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