Hello beautiful people....what's popping! Hmmm make i yan una story ooooo

I was just surfing the net one fateful day then i stumbled on Oriflame and then fell in love with it from all the reviews i got now i've got a special obsession for it. lol

Ok guys....don't mind me, this is a review of the products and i will tell you my honest findings, the ones i haven't tried out i will confess too. Firstly, i hope you guys have heard about Oriflame? It's a designer range of beauty products like cosmetics and skincare, it also have a lot of lovable fragrances ranging from deodorants, perfumes and body spray. It was founded in Sweden by 2 brothers and today it has really expanded into a big brand. The official website of Oriflame Nigeria is http://ng.oriflame.com/ so you can check out some of their products.

Use Oriflame products and look beautiful... although i dislike the fact that most of the products looks small but when i started using it i understand that we are talking about quality here not quantity. I used the lip gloss this morning and loved how thick it was, and how it feels,just a little speaks a lot.
I got 3 shades of The One lipstick-fuchai pink, extreme red and violet for personal use and then i've got for sale too. I wasn't scared to start this Oriflame when i saw the products because i liked them and knew i can only sell to people what i personally think is worth buying. Each goes for N1590, it's very matte and i will snap a picture of how each looks on me in my next review.

The Giordani body spray and deodorant going for 990 and 590 respectively. It smells really nice trust me. Below is also Activele spray and deodorant going for 890 and 490 respectively

See below some of the Oriflame perfumes. i have perceived some of them and i love them, just don't have any in stock now

Oh yea that's very me foundation, comes in sand and cocoa. The sand is best for light skinned people while the cocoa is good for medium complexion.

Like i said earlier, i would show you pictures of how it looks on me in my next Oriflame post. If you want any of them please don't hesitate. Don't even think of holding back... contact me now for any of the products.

Have you tried any of the Oriflame products before? Was it really good? Did you like it,? What do you think of it...kindly drop your comments here. Thanks guys......*hugs and kisses* 


  1. Looks really nice - no I have tried any of them

  2. I have not tried any but their products seem cool especially with your review...


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