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Hello....good morning peeps in the building. *shines teeth* how have you guys been hun?  Let me confess that i've been so lazy to write anything of recent firstly because i lack inspiration and then secondly because i just don't have that sufficient time to construct the right words to write anything lengthy.
So I've been lazy to write and even read.....just don't know why. All i've been doing to occupy me apart from my work at the office, when i'm on my way back from work and in traffic i do nothing but youtube videos on "how to"-makeup like a pro,(some basic tips i never new before), make my hair by myself, make a wig and a lot of DIY. Trust me i've gained a lot from all those videos in fact i don't need to go to a beauty school before i start my makeup job.Don't worry guys i will still share all i've learnt of recent. Lol

Now the spirit of my laziness to write anything serious-i mean stories, fictions, my imaginations, poems etc. Let's talk about the beauty business, that other part of me that i'm crazy about or don't you remember one of the things i always hoped to share on this blog is beauty? oh guys i'm a huge lover of anything that could glam me up- be it makeup, clothes, shoes, bags, and ACCESSORIES! i love accessories a lot especially neck pieces and earrings.....i love bangles, watches and rings too but forget to wear them at times dunno y.

OK enough of that..... lemme stop talking and go straight to the beauty business.

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These are the latest i added to my makeup collections.....

MILK OF MAGNESIA: i had been seeing a lot of review on it hence i decided to give it a try. The first time i heard about it was from The beautiful-eagle. So instead of buying a face primer which is usually like a base before adding up foundation and other makeup, it keeps the face very fresh all day long. It's good mostly for those with oily or combination skin.  The price i got this was just 1050 naira and i know it would last me like forever. lol

How to use it: just a little should be rubbed around the face but more should be on the T-zone (i don't mean too much). it should be left to dry before applying foundation and by the way when drys it usually looks white on the face hence the reason to apply just a little so after makeup you won't be left with white patches.

Personal experience: i remember the very first day i used the milk of magnesia as a primer, when i got to work people really commented on my look and for real i liked it because normally i have a combination skin hence my T-Zone usually shines few minutes after i makeup but all thanks to my marykay blotting paper which doesn't give me any reason to touch up my makeup again since it can just be dabbed on the face and it gives an instant remove of oil leaving the face very fresh again.

MARY KAY OIL BLOTTING PAPER: actually i have been using this for quite a long time now. I'm adding it to my beauty list because i just got a new one. Seems there are a lot of oil blotters out there but please don't tell me about them. I'm so in love with my marykay blotting paper. It's absolutely good. I get it for N1000
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MILANI POWDER: i have been hearing about it for quite some time so decided to try it out and trust me i love how it feels on the face. I went to a makeup store to purchase it and they tried 2 different shades on my face and yup! i love this 110 deep. Perfect for my colour
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RIMMEL MASCARA: normally i'm not so use to masacara. I just don't get it right as it stains my eyelids but i decided to still give it a trial by asking for one which would give my lashes more volume and length. The few times i remembered to use it, it was nice but truth is i just don't remember to add a mascara to my makeup though i love it when i see others use it. Got it for 1500naira
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LIPSTICKS: I purchased 2 lipstick although i already have a enough and even have these colors but couldn't get my eyes off them when i saw them. I love milani and classic matte lipsticks. At least if you want something not too expensive yet good then i think you should go for it. Milani...i got the pink and for classic i got the red. 1200 and 1000 naira respectively The pictures below i used the milani pink. you like it?

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That's my marykay foundation picture up there with my powder brush, been using it since 2007 as my first and only foundation but seems i need to be more adventurous by trying other kinds of foundation or what do you think?

Finally....let's talk about makeup brushes. I never knew how to use, i just kept on with my powder puff in this time and age. lmao for fact the picture above...i didn't use a brush for my powder but nevertheless i tried my powder brush today and indeed it's far better knowing that it doesn't tear like those puff and much easier to wash... yup! I love the fact that  i got this small powder brush. Now i'm gonna get that Kabuki brush set *hands on chin,..... thinking* maybe as a birthday gift for myself.


  1. I'm so lazy when it comes to make up but this past week, I wore make up everytime I went to work.
    I kukuma have a blotting paper I don't use, smh.
    My mascara is by maybelline and I'm sticking to it.. It adds volume like cray!
    Powder brush, I have but I don't use. Smh

  2. Oh wow! No wander I didn't see it myself when I used my fone but it showed on my pc. Gonna edit it again then, thanks boo

  3. Oh dat maybelline mascara...I used it @ some point buh maybe cos I just don't knw how to use it I never really knew it was dat good. saw a review on it in Moby's blog.

  4. *shines my teeth back at ya*
    Glad you are doing well for yourself...even though I can't see the pictures of your collections now I have no doubt they are beautiful...
    Cheers dear...

    1. thanks a bunch Chris.....nice having you here again


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