Hiya guys.....i wish i always had all the time to post everyday and then not only the time, good network also. Hallelujah today seems better and i hope many more post on this blog but firstly i have a wishlist which will facilitate more beauty and general post.

When i shared 20 random facts about me. i mention that i always have endless budgets. chai! i'm that real consumer which is spoken of in Economics, when some wishes are finally possessed i still have more i want hence i always keep writing all i want to buy or wish to have and then people around keeps wondering "what is this girl writing" and at times they wanna peep through to see. Ok o instead of peeping let me have it shared on my blog today and here it goes.....

  1. A MAKEUP BOX: who says i need to be a professional makeup artist before i get this makeup box. i love it because i always have my makeup scattered around or stained in my makeup bag. I have this on my budget because it's easier to clean up and also i see it very lady like *personal opinion* and yup! it doesn't have to be the very big one since they come in sizes.    

i love these makeup collections but sure i just admire them.....i see no need getting as much as this except if i wanna take it up as a source of income. i will rather stick to a small size box except i add some jewelry to it.
2. A JEWELRY BOX: i love accessories like i said in my last post i love to have as many as possible. i remember back then in my secondary school when i save money and it's time to spend it i always buy few pairs of earrings or neck piece. When i got to University (Babcock University) earrings weren't allowed been that it's a private school known by The Seventh Day Adventist Church of which they don't believe wearing jewelry is godly....we all were forced not to put in on, so the vibe wasn't just there anymore but now again i'm loving it like ever before and love a handful of them with a marvelous box to keep them from damaging.

3. MAKEUP BOX + JEWELRY BOX COMBO: i loved these when i saw them....instead of having a separate makeup and jewelry  box why don't i just get something similar to this one but get someone to construct something similar to it with some drawers where i could keep my jewelries. it's gonna be more pocket friendly with this combo
4. SCULPT AND BLEND BRUSH: I have always loved to have them but just didn't accept that it was actually my last post i talked about it and about how i'm loving it now hence i would be going for it.
10 Pieces Sculpt & Blend Brush Black

5. MANNEQUIN HEAD:  I told you guys about the videos I've been watching of recent and yup! in other to practice and share with you guys i would love to buy this mannequin head for my wig tutorials. 

6. 2 SHADES OF FOUNDATION: i have never tried highlighting and contouring before. i only watch a lot of videos on it hence i would wish/be buying 2 types of foundation and a contour kit to practice and then share. i would be going specifically for Oriflame foundations.
Very Me Smoothie Foundation
These are just 6 from my over 13 be continued and sure when i get them i would talk and review them all....

P.S: contact me to buy Oriflame perfumes and cosmetics. If you don't know them yet, Oriflame is a Sweden company which specializes in beauty, fragrance and skincare products. The products are really good and i would be reviewing them later.


  1. Lovely pics; I like the mannequin head and I also want a full mannequin in my closet too to use for playing dress-up and trying out styling ideas...:-).
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Hmmm that's true o. i never actually taught about having a full mannequin for that not bad at all...nice ideal

  2. Chai chai see me wishing oh! Now my mind won't come down, all I'll do is fantasise.
    Yeah my darling is fully back!

  3. May all your wishes do come true...
    Glad you are back, dear...

  4. Oh Wow! Oshey! Make Up Artist toh Sure **winks... My baby s bbbbbaaaccckkk in Full force.. and i am loving the Energy.. Keep keeping on Bubba.. And the crowd goes.. mmmmmwaaaah!

  5. Those make up boxes are so gorg - my sister has one in black and gold and it's absolutely gorg


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