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MY BEAUTY and pictures

Hello....good morning peeps in the building. *shines teeth* how have you guys been hun?  Let me confess that i've been so lazy to write anything of recent firstly because i lack inspiration and then secondly because i just don't have that sufficient time to construct the right words to write anything lengthy.
So I've been lazy to write and even read.....just don't know why. All i've been doing to occupy me apart from my work at the office, when i'm on my way back from work and in traffic i do nothing but youtube videos on "how to"-makeup like a pro,(some basic tips i never new before), make my hair by myself, make a wig and a lot of DIY. Trust me i've gained a lot from all those videos in fact i don't need to go to a beauty school before i start my makeup job.Don't worry guys i will still share all i've learnt of recent. Lol

Now the spirit of my laziness to write anything serious-i mean stories, fictions, my imaginations, p…



Lets Join hands to save lives....

Hello ETReaders, Been a una dey? I got a mail from someone like 2days ago but due to some challenges wasn't able to post. below is the mail.

Hello, Temmy:
I got your contact form your friend Chris Okafor (who blogs at
There are some group of persons living in a thick forest in Patani, Delta State, who really need help. These people are living in the worst environmental conditions on earth. There are no sources of potable water, no good houses and no educational facilities. I went to this place and broke down in tears when I saw pregnant women sleeping on the bare floor because there were no beds/mattresses, hungry-looking children loitering in tattered clothes because their parents could not afford to buy them good ones. Dear Temmy, the poverty in this environment is way too much. I want to help them but there's little I can do for them as an individual and as a woman so I want to plead with you to publish the story on your blog and hop…