Wow!! It's a must watch video, "Owo" by Sunkanmi

"Money Money be my honey" OWO!!.....

"Baby ma fimi sile solo, i get plenty plenty money i've give you OWO"

Few lines from the lyric that always come to my mind. I was in love with the song and now the video is so on point! Listen to my gist about this video.
The beautiful and talented woman
Hello peeps how una dey na? Well as for me i'm just chilling here and i don't even wanna think of it that tomorrow is Monday. Let me enjoy myself at least for now before the rigorous work starts again.

I was just sitting o. Jejeli and gbadunli suddenly i got a broadcast on my bbm. I went ahead to read it and behold was my long awaiting video "Owo" by Sunkanmi. When the audio was released i talked about it here. Now i have been waiting patiently for the video that i even went on instagram asking when it would be out. So now guys the blockbuster is out..... You just have to check it out because the beautiful light skinned flawless artiste didn't disappoint us, she never does that anyway. 

You need to see this video o! U just have to. Oya here is the download link.

I didn't stop at just letting you download it but you can equally watch it on this blog.

Enjoy your night exclusive people.


  1. Worth watching, I guess - Will check it out. How are you, darling?

  2. Happy new month, love the post. Have a nice time.

  3. Seen it and methinks she did a terrific job. I wish her the very best in her career.


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