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Are you a dark skinned person and you want to maintain that complexion yet glow tremendously or do you desire lighter and brighter complexion?

Are you battling with different skin problems such as dark spots, stretch marks, acne, sunburn,  freckles and the likes....don't worry anymore because TYC Glow is here to cater for your skin.

GET FLAWLESS SKIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!by getting rid of all forms of skin problems. TYC natural glow product enhances and restores natural skin growth."Replenish your skin's quality to the very PRISTINE" . TYC natural glow products are: Black soap, Glow oil, glittering cream, Anti blemish treatment, dark spot remover, sun burn treatment, dark knuckle cleanser, lightening cream, soap and oil, acne treatment, stretch marks cream etc. Our products are suitable for any skin type depending on what you desire.

ELIMINATE that dead skin on your body today!!!! Kindly add us up on bbm 2b5dedb6 or call 07033153404 .


  1. naaaah i love my color chica but anyhoo you've been tagged check here

  2. When will they make cream for chicks like us na? We all must not be light skinned

    1. Hehehe don't u wonder how d likes of Genevive and Ini Edo glow inspite of being dark...back in d days i use to watch Genny's movie, she used to av pimples but now it's all cleared away, perfect skin! That way be the job of a good cream u knw

      I use to always wonder too why most creams out there are lightening but really TYC GLOW products equally works for dark skinned and not so light skin like ours. U can recommend it to friends who love the dark African colour just the way it is but seek to make it shine yet still maintain it. Let's just say it caters for what every someone desires

  3. Hmnnn.... I got my eyes on this... hehehe

  4. nice post and tips..

  5. Oya Temmie Gimme my share of the Advert fee they paid you bubba. **Winks...


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