A Shout Out To My First Friend On Earth

I have been procrastinating this since 1st of October and I'm sure that everyone who reads this blog would know that i celebrated 4 things earlier this month. My mum's birthday, independence day, a new month and 1 year of blogging so here is a post which i ought to have made for mama. 

shout out to my mama!! The best mum that ever liveth....

You know what, Let me save words cos words can't quantify what she means to me. She is my "My treasure" so here is a poem i composed to her a long time ago.

I didn't study English but i just know i love words so this is my amateur poetic  shout out to my mama.

As i opened my eyes

I met you gazing

I saw warm smiles
It clearly read you
In your face i saw light
Your great hands held me
In your face i saw love
Can someone tell me who am i?

I am your picture

I drank of your milk

My first friend
I came from you
You knew and loved me
When i cried you cried with me
I was your organ
I am your picture
You are my sunshine
You are my teacher
You are my mother
You were the one i knew
On my first memorable day on earth

Every mum is the best mum on earth and so is my mum and she is a super mum. What is life without her, i have met a lot of people but no one can love me like she does. hmmm, except all that kind of erotic love right? Oops! I can't compare jor, she alone is my best friend. A woman who always take my pain and tears upon her like it happened to her and of course what do i expect? She is a mother indeed. The love a mother has for the child is unexplainable and divine that's y a mum can go extra miles for her children.

There is nothing dat can truly be compared to a mother....mum are special beings and that's why we should be treating them like eggs...

Long live my mama and everyone who loves this blog. May our mothers and fathers live to enjoy and see us progressing in life. When the lord of the harvest pours down our heart desires upon us may our parents never be absent from earth until they are old enough to die. Amen!
Yay!! I won a giveaway.
P.s: Ok guys...that's for that. Lemme break the gist for you guys o. So during the salah break i went visiting  The Lagos Drama Queen. Her name is "Moby" So who doesn't know her here *shakes head * am not sure you don't know her. Oya click on her name to check her out. She is such a darling and as beautiful as her pictures we see on her blog. Thanks Moby for the hospitality ur such a darling. I didn't tell you guys i won a giveaway on her blog right. Well i did....an ankara inspired bathroom bag from Hillcity Productions. If you aren't aware of their bead making training check Moby's blog for that.

P.s i was thinking we have a blogger/ blog readers get together party at least for we Nigerians who recide in Lagos. And i spoke briefly about that to Moby, had a chat about that with Tosyne and let me tell you my imaginations.hhehehe

Moby and Duru: MC cos they are so humorous
Tibs: Chair Lady (she just have to come to Nigeria fot this)
Buiti, jenny, sophia, Tosyne and all these fashion bloggers; gonna give us the dress code and colours and so on...

Shout out to you guys: esther, funmi, chris, godwin, steve, amaka, yourstruly, mzcookie etc. You guys must be there if indeed we av a party for bloggers. #amdreaming hehehehehe


  1. Yaay! I was anticipating this on her birthday. Nice poem. Nothing like Mother's love.
    Congrats dear. I af already said you are the organizing chairwoman and Moby gat moves too so you both. *singing I gat a feeling that the parry ma spulific*

  2. heheheheh See set up oh.. me MC?? **Faints.. hehehehe I think i should try doing that oh.. **Wears Straight face, Sssoooo You and Moby hung out ba?? and you didnt invite me? Diarisgodoooo.. Thanks for the Mention Bubba, I always feel like I am receiving an Award when i get a mention on a fav Blog. God bless you Mami (hehehehe Tibs has taught me), hehehehe I dedicate this Award to Ms Janyl Benyl of janylbenylshares.com.

    About your Mum, May GOD bless her for being a real Mum. And may GOD keep our parents to enjoy the reward of their hardwork. Cheers Bubba.

    1. Oh so u want your blog mother to take a place of Mc right? No way! U can't run away from it and worst thing is Tosyne said Moby should be among the planning committee so you are definitely gonna b left alone for the MC thing *tongue out* hehehehe

      Thanks for the birthday wishes to my mum...ur a Darling.

      Let's be serious sef even if we don't have a party we could hang out someone in lag. I mean everyone was us or what do you think?

    2. Hello Temi, no new Post Bubba? I hope you are good though?

  3. Hiya mamacita.....Wow!...Your brows are beautiful....phew!....so **claps hands** of all the things I could have been, you and Moby mami came up with Chairlady??......**ties scarf** whatever happened to me being in charge of the alcohol???....huh?!......You know we Kenyans love our bottles right?!.....**in duru's words** Diaris God!.....hehe....anyhooo...I am looking forward to it....I would love to meet you and everyone else....so fingers crossed eh....

    1. Oh mami that's true o. How could we ever think of keeping u sitting in one chair for long...aii i think we can trust u on dat, ur gonna be giving us lots of goodies. So much to pop when ur in charge mami!!

      Ok...mamicita Tibs, now appointed as the chief host of the ocassion!!

    2. Awww!! My brows *covers shy face * thanks Tibs...

  4. Mama we love you hehehehe... I will be there oo lolol

    1. Yea yea Buiti thanks so much. Gonna be really cool seeing u 4 real. I hope one day we really get to meet.

  5. Yaaaay.... like play like play my dream would come true.... @duru sorry ehn... it was an impromptu hang out. Don't worry we would call you next time...hehehehe @ Tibs being the chairwoman....well ehnnnn she can still be in charge of alcohol na....hehehehe. I cant wait to meet everyone. @me being mc, its like you don't know I'm a shy woman. I will just be covering my face. Hehehe. Make una no worry. I'm sure we would have fun somehow.

    The poem is amazing. All mothers are pretty awesome and your mum is a very special woman and I love her already.

  6. Amen to that prayer gurl, happy belated birthday to your momma, and if you guys do a bloggers get together hey if not physically I will attend spiritually hehehe just kidding o, that would be really cool though

  7. happy birthday to mum.. I was expecting her picture(s) though

  8. Happy Birthday to your Mummy


  9. Happy Birthday to your mum.

  10. Awww. Hope I am not too late to wish her happy birthday oh. More grace and laughter in Jesus Name. Amen.
    God bless her, and also bless you and all your siblings for her too.

  11. Lovely post, hope she had a wonderful day.

  12. Awwww your mother must be super proud of you. Would love to come but unfortunately I won't be around. I'm available this Christmas though - will come as someone else lol

  13. Such a beautiful writing; mothers are indeed wonderful.
    Great job.


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