A Gratitude and Love Diary...

Sup guys...you won't believe am still on my way home at this time of the night. Heavy traffic here and i have a long way to go. It's so obvious i will be getting home pretty late. Meh the struggle and hustle no easy o hehehe Lagos life na wa!!

Ok lets shift from that side first, am so happy i can blog on the go with my mobile phone and the network today is so friendly eh. So i decided to share something with my lovely ETReaders while am on my way home....

I actually learnt something today you know and i really wanna share with you guys...you see, it's about having a dairy. Many of us keep dairies to write memorable and hurtful moments of our lives but i want us to shift from that to having a dairy of gratitude and love. Maybe you're wondering how to go about that right? Oh well...the diary will strictly be a place were you write down all the good things God has done for you everyday. You could equally press further by writing the positive things your friends, families and loved ones did daily. Forget about those hurtful things they did but focused on those lovely words and attitude displayed towards you by them. I think that's the best way to love more and appreciate God and humanity. Oh! I got motivated to do so, i really think if you wanna join the team #iwannabehappy then you can adopt this cos really i have come to realise that happiness or sadness lies in ones hand. You have a choice to make.. 

Hmmn some motivational talk right! Yea am so happy cos i've got a facilitator that is feeding me with lots more on that and i just completed the book titled 7 Habits for effective living.

Here is this story a facilitator told me....Linda had lost it all, her love towards her husband was fast declining, the flames and fire that ignited at the early stage was no more and everything about him was pissing her off. The two no longer tangled together hence they decided to sort for a divorce.

Linda called her friend and explained her plight. Her friend Agnes advised that she doesn't divorce explaining further that she should consider the kids who will suffer the effect of a broken home. At first she insisted on living the home but later had a rethink, Agnes had advised her to buy a love and gratitude diary specially to write down the lovely moments she shared with him and also those things that made her love him at first.

The first day Linda noted 2 things, she decided to observe her hubby more therefore focusing on those positive things he was doing hence ignoring his faults and behold the love stirred up again. She began to see him and appreciate him again.

That's what a love/ gratitude dairy can do. Please share your thoughts.


  1. Sorry o... thank God tmao is friday at least u'll rest
    I support the idea of a gratitude diary it helps to keep us grateful

  2. i love this idea of having a gratitude diary it kinda cool

  3. Aww sorry about yesterday, Lasgidi for you
    Okk I will keep the diary, but consistency is the key!

  4. Hmmmm....a diary eh?.....I like the idea......

  5. Lagos wahala... lol I love the diary thing oo

  6. Wow, that's good - I find it impossible to blog with my phone. I used to keep a diary, but, I stopped ages ago, now I think I should go back to keeping one. Gratitude should be your attitude daily, and being positive and surrounding yourself with positive people.

    I have noticed that being grateful is key. You may not be a fan of 'monotonous' and 'repetitive' prayers, but, there is this Catholic prayer which involves saying 1000 'thank You Jesus' daily. Since I started saying it on the 17th of September, I have been seeing God's favour in my life and that of my loved ones!

    1. Your comment is spot on Y.T, and i couldnt agree with you any less... cheers Bubba.

  7. True that Bubba, my Blog mother always says, a grateful heart opens doors of opportunities... its funny how much of what we have, that we loose while complaining and whinjng about all we dont have, its crazy... sorry about the Traffic, what can we say? Lagos na waaa.... i keep a Journal, and i carry it everywhere, its more like a goal inclined Journal, and i calculate every significant Kobo i spend in there... maybe i should include my Grateful points in there too... cheers Ms Exclusivito of life.xx

  8. It's good to always express gratitude, well keeping a diary sounds like a great idea... Sorry about being stuck in traffic.... Lasgidi lifestyle

    New post on my blog

  9. A gratitude diary... I should seriously. ... you know just yesterday in church, the pastor said we should always look out and dwell on the positive sides of everyone. Just avoid thinking twice about the negative and appreciate the positive. I think I would have a gratitude diary. Thanks mami


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