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A Shout Out To My First Friend On Earth

I have been procrastinating this since 1st of October and I'm sure that everyone who reads this blog would know that i celebrated 4 things earlier this month. My mum's birthday, independence day, a new month and 1 year of blogging so here is a post which i ought to have made for mama. 

shout out to my mama!! The best mum that ever liveth....
You know what, Let me save words cos words can't quantify what she means to me. She is my "My treasure" so here is a poem i composed to her a long time ago.

I didn't study English but i just know i love words so this is my amateur poetic  shout out to my mama.
As i opened my eyes
I met you gazing
I saw warm smiles It clearly read you In your face i saw light Your great hands held me In your face i saw love Can someone tell me who am i?
I am your picture
I drank of your milk
My first friend I came from you You knew and loved me When i cried you cried with me I was your organ I am your picture You are my sunshine You are my teacher You are my mo…

My Big Nigerian Wedding Season 2 Starts soon!!

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A Gratitude and Love Diary...

Sup won't believe am still on my way home at this time of the night. Heavy traffic here and i have a long way to go. It's so obvious i will be getting home pretty late. Meh the struggle and hustle no easy o hehehe Lagos life na wa!!
Ok lets shift from that side first, am so happy i can blog on the go with my mobile phone and the network today is so friendly eh. So i decided to share something with my lovely ETReaders while am on my way home....
I actually learnt something today you know and i really wanna share with you see, it's about having a dairy. Many of us keep dairies to write memorable and hurtful moments of our lives but i want us to shift from that to having a dairy of gratitude and love. Maybe you're wondering how to go about that right? Oh well...the diary will strictly be a place were you write down all the good things God has done for you everyday. You could equally press further by writing the positive things your friends, families…

Happy: birthday mum, my baby, Nigeria and new month

Turn up! Turn up!! Turn up!! This is a very wonderful month for me most importantly today and that is because i have four reasons to celebrate this month aside from the regular blessings God does for me and you...i mean the sleeping and waking up, the good health etc. Yea it is worth celebrating and appreciating him but for now let's talk about this 4 exceptional ones. They are exceptional because it comes just once in a year.

1. My baby: Exclusive Tins is one year today....Happy blog anniversary to my baby. You see guys, i am super excited like seriously! When did i start all of this. Days to weeks, weeks to months and now a year. I know the blog can do better and i equally know it lies in my hand. Well i'm grateful to God for everything because moments when i feel down casted God gave me the strength to press on. There were moments i posted something but got no response, moments i thought within my heart that maybe i wasn't good so had to quit, moments i told  myself tha…