What Has the World Become? Mother and daughter in sexual relationship......

I wasn't surprise when i actually stumbled on this post somewhere on the net. Everyone knows the issue of homosexuality is something else.Yea! I always remember that there is nothing new under the sun and nothing is impossible too so what else do i expect. When i heard the story of Mary and Veritasha Carter i simply smile after all it's non of my business but really they are more than mother and daughter. They have a sexual bond between them in other words they are lesbian partners too.....


  1. Ok , now this story creeps me out.



  2. I read it also and i was pissed. They are both sick

  3. As much as i abhor what they are doing, people have a right to live the way it pleases them. Did I just say that? Oh dear, this is nauseating. Deeply disturbing and disgusting if you ask me!!!

  4. This is really not nice...not nice at all.

  5. No way....ewww... let me try imagining it with my mom.... hell no.... God forbid. Me and my mother can only be mother and daughter. ...even friend sef na God. Its the endtime already so you would hear anything.


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