The Gratitude Challenge, Love Letter, Blog Giveaway and More....

Hiya guys!! Been a while I did a post here *sad face* It's really beyond my control. So yesterday I broke the silence and I am so happy I did. I will be writing out a love letter but this time it's not just a love quote or note but a letter to the Almighty.. Been so long since I wrote some love notes so here I am in this.

In all seasons we really need to express our feelings to that special person. Hence, it isn't a bad ideal I know. I choose God Almighty as that special person I need to write to tonight.

Everyone has been tagging others for the gratitude challenge. Yes! why shouldn't we be charged to say thank you father for all the love and mercies He bestowed upon us. If you aren't grateful as for me I am o. Hence, even though I wasn't tagged to do so I know it is something that ought to be done every time so my gratitude to God will be in form of a dear daddy letter inspired by Duru and Moby and I hope this letter of mine will equally inspire someone out there to say thank you to God.
and i say a big thank you daddy

My Gratitude Letter to God
Dear  daddy,
I wanna say a big thank you daddy for always been there for me in spite of my unfaithfulness and silly mistakes. Sometimes I  feel you are far from me, I feel so lazy to ask you of my needs and I know that's d reason for some delays. You want me to talk with you first not that you don't or can't do it for me..

Daddy you know what? I am always happy when I see my dog, fishes, goats and other animals on the street because I remember you didn't make me any of them but you made me a human who can talk, think, love and be loved. 
I grumble too much that I don't have enough money and this is because my dreams are big. I want a bigger and luxurious house, better clothes and shoes, more money, cars, latest expensive gadgets and all and I get really pissed off because I don't have a lot of them forgetting that it is the same you who created the beggars on the streets who wish they were at least in my shoes. I'm so sorry daddy, I know you love me and want the best for me at the right time.

Daddy I can't mention several times you have rescued me from evil, how you have answered so many wishes of mine,  how you have wipe my tears and kiss me on my forehead telling me the future is bright yet I worry a lot.

I have loved a whole lot of the good things you did in my life but didn't really show you my gratitude. Hence, I am saying it on my blog tonight that I am grateful for everything and all the good things ahead of me. Please give me a reason to pronounce a good news forthcoming to my blog readers and father please keep blessing all eyes that read this post.

Daddy once again thank you. I promise to stop thinking of other things when am in the church, (I do that a lot) to stop being lazy to pray, to hold you firmer and never let go. You are the true love of my life and I can't live without you nor have a moment when I don't need you.

You are the spice of my life....

Your Daughter,

My Gratitude to my blog readers
I wanna use this opportunity to say thank you to every one that reads this blog especially the ones that share the blog url, those that sends me mail when I am missing from the blogsphere, those that love me silently and wish me well. You are very much appreciated honey. I think I just have to call names here because generalizing wouldn't make you know how much I am happy and appreciate you. Let's go there.....*winks**

The journey started 11 months back and right now I can't remember the first person who commented here on this blog but all the same I am very grateful. Exclusivetins Blog will be a year next month.

  • Thanks to SophiaJeniferBuiti, and MissyMay they were the first set of blogger friends I ever had. They encouraged with their comments and I'm sure some of them may not have really had interest in my long post/love tales since they are strictly fashion bloggers but they kept stalking here to show how much they love me. 
  • Thanks to Amaka another amazing lady! Though it's been a while I saw her intelligent comments/contributions here even before she heard the clarion call to serve our darling Nigeria and even now that she is back from camp. Swit@ know that I miss you hun
  • Thanks to DuruTibs, and Moby I met them at about the same time and was so happy when I saw their blogs because their contents is so relative and on point.
  • Thanks to Godwin (being long he came visiting), my darling Chris Okafor, Peaceitimi, and my newly found blogger friend Esther
  • Special thanks to my own dear Oyo sister Tosyne she is so caring and encouraging
  • Shout out to everyone for your love: Derabi, my Google Friend Connect peeps, Funmi of ladywannabe blog,  just porsh, mzcookie, Ismailia, icelawblog, the beautiful eagle's blog, Yours truly, my anonymous readers, that special being or people from California and Ashburn who never drops comments but I site you on my traffic feed. I appreciate you all.....
In the spirit of appreciation I am hosting a little giveaway to tell you guys how much you are appreciated. It's a little token but please just accept it with love. (opened to everyone, both bloggers and non bloggers)
How to win:
  1. Be honest by telling me what you love about this blog and what you think need to be included to make this blog better..
  2. Say at least a reason why you are grateful to God
  3. Please drop your email at the end of your post.
How the winner shall emerge:
  1. only those who follow the instruction above shall be qualified since it's a sign that they are interested in the giveaway nevertheless even if you are not interested in the giveaway you can still drop a general comment
  2. We shall play a game here (not gonna tell you for now) then the winner shall go away with my little token
giveaway is opened for 3days since I have not been constant here some blog readers may not have checked here knowing that I don't post 12th till 15th of september is when the giveaway runs....

P.S: I am so sorry, I lost some blog comments due to carelessness. I was trying to delete my spam messages hence I deleted some useful comments especially on the topic My Rants or Talk Show...I miss Tib's comment, Chris Okafor's, Mz cookie, and more comments on that post. Was quite imformative but a pity that i lost them.
When you view exclusivetins blog via mobile view. This is what you see.

Someone once asked how I was able to design my blog to enable mobile views of some blog widgets like enabling 'most recent comment, 'get mail updates', 'categories' and more show when viewing the blog with a phone. Here is the link to enable you do it also: Ogbonge Blog that guy is my blog teacher oo. His blog is what really helped me design my blog and know much more about blogging so fellow bloggers you can try it out too.

Thank you all.  


  1. Thank you temmie!!!we love you and want more posts!!yaaay! So excited about the 1st year celebrations of the blog!!!

  2. Great post and great prayer, Temi. We've to be grateful and thankful, because in spite of all our sinful nature, the Lord shows us mercy everyday. Thanks for the acknowledgement - very much appreciated! :)

    On the Giveaway: 1. I love this blog, because I like the stories you share on here. I can honestly say that most of them are relatable. Love is a beautiful thing, but at the same time, a struggle for most of us. Sometimes I read some post on here and it makes me feel better, because it shows that people are in the same boat as me -and even though it isn't good, its normal in life. Every blog is unique in its own right and that goes for yours too. So far so good for me, but there's always a room for improvement. Drive it to the destination you desire it to be - my support is always at hand.

    2. From the village to the city of Ghana, from GH to Austria, from Austria to the UK. - Through out this journey, I've been sinning continually - swaying from God's word and getting back in. People died from situations that I made through. Took things for granted, complained of life and the list goes on.........BUT BABA GOD no leave ma side! Sometimes I thought He left, BUT as the word says, "He will never leave us nor forsake us." If I were to jot all His Goodness here, I won't wash these dirty clothes staring at me here in my house. Lol! I'm simply GRATEFUL & THANKFUL for EVERYTHING in MY LIFE and AROUND ME.

    3. My email is:
    ENTERED! :)

  3. A proverb in Ibo says: "Ekene dike na nke omere omekwa ozo"...which means when we show appreciation to God for the 'little' He has done He would be delighted to do more...
    A gospel artiste said: "when praises go up, blessings come down". So, expect all your heart desires sorted out in no time.
    Thanks for the acknowledgment, I love everything about this blog and believe me when I say, Exclusivetins is on its way to the top. Don't ever you be discouraged, okay?
    Wish you a great day.
    P.S- You look amazing in the photo...

  4. Babes am so sorry. Yeah it's been long I commented but I visit *sad*
    I love the love stories..that's what attracted me to your blog. You know love is the force that keeps us alive.
    Uhm, try to update often might not be easy but try ehn. That's the improvement I want to see.
    Am grateful to God for the gift of life because if I start typing xyz reason, in the end only the living can be grateful!

  5. I see my name lol
    Tosyne love here is why I love your blog because it original, it's u. You not trying to be any blogger but u jst being you and I am a big beliver that one can be unique and differeciate herself and be known for something good.
    We that said here is what i am grateful for LIFE and the fact I sleep and wake up and am health I am so so grateful to God. Its a big miracle that we all can't explain
    My email
    Keeping being you love and I will always visit. Keep the post coming Mwahhh

  6. Phew!!!...There are a lot of things I love bout your blog...buh I think I love the post series alot...hehe....and I am grateful for where/what/who I am today....everything is by the Grace of am looking forward to you celebrating 1 year mami....

    Tibs Tells Tales

  7. It's almost a year already.. now u make me want to chck my "blog calender" loool!!! I pray we celebrate more blog anniversaries... :)

  8. Hi Temi,i love the style/fashion feature post....i'm grateful for the
    Happy Blogivesary :)
    The Beautiful Eagle

  9. Awww I see my name. Don't ever feel people come here cos you are pitied, the truth is you are doing a great job. I am grateful for success in my exams

  10. Shoot! I am late as ussual! goddamnbullshit... :( Hope 1 say is pardonable... pleaaassseee...

    What i love about your Blog is that You are You, and no body else. I like the fact that you portray your emotions just as they are, and that you dont pretend to be something else on your posts. If i told you what to include Bubba, then the Blog wouldnt be yours anymore, it would be ours **Winks.. Just be yourself, and have fun, thats why we are blogging aint it?

    2. I am grateful to GOD for every single thing, but majorly for turning my Tears into Oceans, so that i have been able to sail across Nigeria by virtue of a MAJOR disappointment. Cheers Bubba.

  11. Temi why i no see my previous comment?

  12. I love your blog cos you celebrate love. And I love love.You also write well and I can relate to most things you write about.
    So In short ehn! I am gonna stick around.

    1. aww thanks so much hun... i feel so happy bout that. You are very much welcome *hugs*

  13. I am always a late a Comer these days, one thing I love about this blog is cos it's content is unique.... To be sincere I hardly visit other blogs that are not fashion blogs, but exclusive tinz is the movement abeg.. I was even mentioned in the post ☺

    I am grateful for so many things ranging from my parents.

    1. Hehehe. Thanks so much for your interest in this blog hun.
      Very much welcome!!!


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