Temmie Ask?? What if she walks up to him?

Foluke couldn't stand this anymore....the feelings that erupted within her was beyond words and she could no longer stand it. Firstly, she is old enough to fall in love or indulge in a relationship. she has so many suitors but she just wouldn't wanna be in a rush into a relationship with a guy she doesn't love but here is a guy, that perfect dream man, that man that has totally captured her heart but she feels so sorry for herself....how could she walk up to him, how would she say those words, how is he gonna treat her, was she wrong to love him since it's the guy who is got to do the finding......
Hello my lovelies,
Welcome on board peeps. Its so nice to have you guys here.you see am doing better now and I really dont wanna keep on disappointing with my late post so here I am today. You know one of the things I love about blogging? Its cos I am learning more everyday, like seriously. I have been advised by some peeps to switch from this reality blogging since news and gossip blogs get more people's interest but i know i can't even do that at least for now except i wanna be fake by going ahead to copy and paste. Nevertheless, been a news blogger is good but I love this reality because everyone has to say things exactly the way it is.pure reality, emotional issues, life challenges and not just gossips and  things about other people.

I see it as a platform to get more informed, inspired, learn from each other and in fact even socialize. Why am I saying this? It's because I need you guys to keep commenting, sharing real ideals could help us build ourselves with more knowledge and also help someone out there who may stumble across this someday in future either directed here via goggle search or whatever, so keep the comments rolling honey.

So today we are gonna be talking about female ego or slavery. So you know in life it is not easy for ladies when it comes to matters of the heart. A lady sees a man she loves but she pretends not to care. She wanna hide those feelings so he doesnt see her as a cheap girl or misinterpret her. Even the traditional society especially among Africans looks at a woman expressing her love to a man first as a taboo. It is believed that a man should work up to a lady to say these words first ‘’I love you. A lady is never supposed to ask a man out, Never!

The Holy Scriptures says he who finds a wife finds a good thing and receives mercy from the lord so in other words the man is the one who is got to do the finding. When I was younger I used to read a book titled 21 common mistakes women make. And one of the mistakes noted there was never should a lady ask a man out first, never, not at all. Instead of walking up to him some studies have explained better ways to make him see you and then pick interest in you and equally walk up to you as a lady rather than letting yourself down.

The female ego thing. a lady is got to be hard so those that mean she should never be the one to walk up to him? Oh well this is just a question so I am in no sideI just wish I could hear your views from this topic.

On another hand dont you think the issue of not walking up to a man can be termed as part of the woman slavery? You know in those days women were inferior to men. We were mere properties and that is why a man can marry as many wives as possible and in fact when a female child was delivered the celebration that comes in place cant be compared to that which comes when a male child is born.  Woman are not regarded as anything and even some churches dont permit a woman to the alter but today there is a turn around.

Back then women are always full time housewives while the husband till the ground just like God has commanded. The men go to work to make money while the woman goes to the kitchen, take care of the kids and perform her wifely duty on bed too. Things have really changed since women now work 9 to 4 every day and so many women are even bread winners of the family. Women now share roles to be played in the home such as sharing the kids school fees, house rent and more whereas in those days its strictly the mens job to do all that. You see.. things have changed, women are fighting for equal rights with men they no longer wanna be slaves.  So here comes my question again..Is walking up to a guy you are crushing on a wrong thing to do, dont you think not expressing yourself is part of the woman slavery and inferiority place on women?

On another hand how do you feel women have to display their ego by letting him go just like that?
Lets talk, whats your take on that. I would love to hear your views on this and if you are a guy how would you look at a girl who asks you out. Cheap, desperate or you understand that she has a right to express how she feels. Lets be real here.

I used to call it putting down your ego as a woman but now I have a rethink of it that you burying those feelings is simply putting yourself down as a woman that you have no right of expression hence as a woman you may, if you so desire, walk up to a man you love but I think it should be done stylishly. I have never asked a guy out..... but is this a big deal after all we are in the 21st century..

P.S: So Temmie Ask? will be a kind of series I will be adding to this blog and the aim is to get us more informed and strengthen our lifestylepardon me if some questions on Temmie Ask series may sound silly, foolish, childish or whatever because someone somewhere may find it quite informative. So not all questions on this series is an offspring of my own personal confused state of mind but an outlook of general issues that may be useful to people.
If you have questions on any issues dont hesitate to send a mail to me so that it can be posted as a Temmie Ask question and then you get replies from blog readers.



  1. Call me old fashioned, but, there is no way I am going to ask a guy out - Never ever. My dear, I no get liver ooooooooooooo. Any lady that asks a guy out is audacious and that trait is admirable. I would rather die in silence than ask a guy out - I know that's very silly, but, that's who I am. Instead of asking him out, I'd do it subtly.

    Nne, who says that it's only news and gossip blogs that get attention. As much as I love gossip blogs, I prefer it when people blog about reality - I do not know about you but that really gets my attention

    1. Hehehe True sha, sometimes i feel maybe it isn't bad so i don't judge but i don't think i can too or maybe cos i never see guy wen don jazz me reach that extend tho. Every guy i ever loved walked up to me first, Nevertheless, back then i usually feel a girl telling a guy she loves him is so bad especially because of how the guys feel like super star with that.

      Yea boo...before now i was more addicted to news blog but i notice i love real life touching stories too. In fact i have grown more interest on issues that bothers people, life realities, what life has done to peeps and all.

  2. yup totally agree with obiamaka i prefer to be chased alright, it just takes the fun out of it when you go after a man that my opinion though and i do enjoy gossip blogs but getting to know people on a more personal note is way more intresting.

  3. I tried that once and it was a bet so don't judge me... other than that I would rather be approached...
    Reality blogging is the bomb my sister, I've never tried news blogging but I'm sure I'd flop if I did... So keep it up

  4. Hehe! i like this post o..
    There's no way i'm going to ask a guy out subtly or not. I would rather die in silence than admit my feelings. come to think of it, i am not so good in mushy talks and admitting feelings much less when i have to initiate it. Please, i love to be pursued.


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