Heart Touching Story...Some Broken Hearts Never Mend

As young as she was, she had gone through the thick and thin in life, she had tasted the devil’s meal ( if there was a kind of food the devil cooks) oh! it tasted badly. It smelt really dirty, and it brought endless tears with no consolation. It was obvious that laughter and joy never lasted in her heart because she lived in a world of penury and like the topic connotes…..some broken hearts never really mend, so is her heart….the scars from the broken pieces brought together can never really be erased!!!!!!!!

She is Oluchi by name and in September 23rd this year she is gonna be 21 years on earth, 21 years of tears and penury, 21 years of suffering, 21 years of her life spent in torment for unknown reasons. She lived in poverty, she was rejected but for some reasons known to the Almighty alone He had kept her alive alone in this world even when he had taken away her father, mother and only sibling to the land of the unknown called the land of the dead!

Oluchi was one of her kind, one of the few lucky girls; that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth is not actually an irony. Yea, that was exactly how it was before horrible events began to take place in the family.....

She used to belong to a happy family, a family of 4 were they never knew darkness. They lived in abundance, peace, love, joy and all good things life can ever give was not a trouble for them to obtain. One day her mum got a more better job, the salary was 6 times more than the initial money hence the whole family was happy but things began to take a different dimension when her mum became so busy since she had emerged the MD of the company and could hardly have time for anything in the house. They had to get a maid to help out with the house chores and the kids…

Right from the very moment aunt Uzoma had stepped into the house Oluchi had a bad feeling that aunty (maid) was a wicked and evil being. The most remarkable moments were the nights Oluchi had dreamt seeing aunty Uzoma looking like a vampire and sucking up the blood of their parents. She had cried out for help but her parents did nothing because of unbelief.

Her parents were actually Christians but the ones that never believed in spirituality, in witches or wizards, in dreams becoming a reality, they never paid attention to the unexplained realm of the spirit but can we blame them? after all people say it's what you belief that happens to you that if you don't believe in spirituality it can't hurt you.

Like I said earlier her mum held a significant role in the company hence was the bread winner of the home while her dad was not so financially buoyant. Her mum never believed in dreams and visions and that was why when Oluchi had cried that she needed aunty Uzoma to leave their house because she was a witch it had fell on deaf ears. All her mum could see was that she needed a maid and Uzoma was hardworking and in fact even if she was a witch that's not her business after all she wasn't maltreating her so why would Uzoma wanna hurt the family. 

One fateful day her mum had arrived home earlier while everyone was asleep, kt was around few minutes past 3 and her dad wasn't home. Oluchi was sleeping in her room while her younger brother was in the guest room with Uzoma. Mum called for everyone but their wasn't a response so she had gone to check Uzoma. She walked in slowly and effortlessly....she didn't bother to call her name......as she flang the door open to her dismay was Uzoma and the 9years old son doing a blow job. They both were deep in business, it was a terrible picture as the mum erupted, she busted out... "what the hell is this?" it was a sorry state has she got hold of a screw driver trying to throw it at Uzoma but unfortunately she missed it. Uzoma quickly got hold of a wrapper to cover her naked body as she ran out of the room. The mum couldn't bellieve, so Uzoma the maid has  been teaching this small innocent boy how to have sex, the ymust have been doing it fora very long time now....now she just have to leave! Uzoma must leave immediately.

The following day mum set off for Enugu with Uzoma, it was a Saturday and she was on her way to drop her off with her parents. She had bite more than she can chew and needed not to remain the house. she slapped and beat Uzoma several times, she was mad at what he had heard so he really needed to take her back.....it was a smooth ride afterall but unfortunately that very day after she had dropped Uzoma off she had an accident that claimed her life.

And that was the beginning of series of sad events in their life.

GOOD MORNING, my sugarplums how una dey?? i hope am gonna have enough time to continue this story later in the day. It's as real as life itself, someone who knows Oluchi told me the tale, it almost got tears flowing from my eyes and i just wished i could share it here.....things happen no be small!

Catch you guys soon...*kisses* wanna hurry to do some house chores


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  2. Aunty Temi this is my third comment on this same post and non is publishing. What's happening.... let me try and type what I wanted to. You are a good writer Temi and I am so proud of you and I'm feeling like a queen because I'm a friend of a talented writer. These things happen and its so sad. You wont believe it but most of my male friends lost their innocence to their maids... its not funny anymore. What is the way out.... what do we do. Temi if you do not finish this story, I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL SHOOT YOU WITH TIBS BAZOOKA.

    1. Aww so sorry love that thing can be so frustrating eh! Thanks so much for his Moby....oya chop kisses *in Moby's voice* hehehehe

      On the issue of male losing their innocence to maid it's so true o, i just think parents should be more watchful about it sha may God help us in this world

  3. Temi , my world is this for real? kai! this is so sad, biko finish the story

    1. Yea my super fashionistic and beautiful Buiti na so ooo. So sorry for the late post i don post the second one now

  4. ooooh this is a good and wowzers it wierd how i have heard of so many people being defiled my maids scary!!

  5. wooooo.... please finish the story, please na

  6. Please find time to continue this cuz you've got me in 'Oliver Twist' mode.
    You write so well...have you considered writing a novel or something? If you can let me know...
    Have a great day...

  7. What a prolific writer you are! You know you are a good writer when you write what people can see, taste, feel, etc. Looking forward to part 2

    1. Aww so much Yourstruly....am learning from you ooo


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