Hello my beautiful peeps....been so busy lately so no time to post but just got this mail and had to post it here.

Join the Conversation
Lagos, Nigeria: September 26th 2014

What is your dream for Nigeria?
Join millions of Nigerians all over the world in sharing your dream for Nigeria this Independence day with the hashtag #IDreamOfaNigeria.

You can join the conversation on social media or drop by Lekki Phase 1 gate from 10am on October 1st and fill in your aspirations for Nigeria on a large chalkboard! Yes! An actual chalkboard!
Now when last did you write on a chalkboard?

Join the Revolution. Join the Conversation Now! #IDreamOfaNigeria
There are so many Independence Day campaigns, but this one takes the cake!
This campaign is brought to you by www.kaymu.com.ng


  1. Replies
    1. Hehehe cos the country no they try abi? Don't mind them...lets still hope for a better Nigeria

  2. We can only dream and hope better days come for our continent.


  3. My dream for Nigeria is that we become united - It would be nice to work towards making our country better!

  4. I dream of a corruption free country, i dream of a country that will have a free and fair election i pray all these come thru. That my prayers as we add a new age

  5. true post.. i dream for unity, curruption free, new and good job, nice economy.. we hope it comes through but it takes time.. thanks for the warm kind birthday comment on my blogg. http://jenniquecreatives.blogspot.co.uk/

  6. I am certain all of the troubles confronting us today, in Nigeria, will form part of our history someday.
    It might take a little time but we are almost there.
    I dream of a united Nigeria.

  7. i pray that one day nigeria will be boko haram free and that all this old leaders will retire

  8. I dream of a Nigeria that is free from corruption, human slaughter and all of it. I hope we really get united and then the nation moves to the next level.


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