Heart Touching Story...Some Broken Hearts Never Mends 2

When her mum was lost into the cold hands of death the family found it hard to ever live like before.  They mourned her lost for long but life goes on and so they had to keep on with life.  Oluchi and her brother had to go back to school and everything was going perfectly well until suddenly their dad broke the news that he had seen another woman who would take care of them.  The woman had packed into the house with a child which she had conceived from her former marriage. At first the new wife bribed them with her smiles and kind gestures. Yay!  She was the kind of step mum they wanted. A woman that can replace their mum who never lasted, one that can comfort them, a mum that would be there like a true mum on their wedding day and give the motherly blessings and advice, a true woman is what they wanted and they were happy they found it in her..

When their dad had asked if they liked her, they had replied positively but behold time proved it all that she was just a wolf in sheep clothing. That woman maltreated the children. All their late mum had left been in the custody of the woman was mismanaged since the woman was in charge of the home.
Their dad had no right to talk since she was like a goddess in the home buying herself expensive jewelries and clothing, the business they had invested in with the entitlements of their late mum was all gone, it drained…..there was nothing left due to bad management and behold their father, the only person left now got a job in a water factory and so the entire family had to move with him to another town.

In the new town they had to start a fresh, it was abject poverty living in a face me I face you apartment as fondly called by Nigerians. It was a square room for the family of 5 to share. They shared the bathroom, toilet and kitchen with other tenants and in fact they could hardly eat 3 square meals a day.

Things began to go worst for the family since they couldn't eat properly but their step mum found solace in some other men outside. She was so hard on Oluchi and her brother calling them names of all sorts. There were moments the innocent children were fed of the remnants of their step mum and child, there were moments when they were given stale food to school in their lunch bag and whenever they opened the food it smelled so badly and became the laughing stalk in the class. Things were worst and since the step mum could stand it no more she decided to leave. She had packed her bags and boxes and stormed out of the house one morning and all pleads from their father to make her bear with him fell on deaf ears….the thought of all the troubles of life was what made him critically ill until finally he lost his live.

Oh! What a sad tale to hear, a family of 4, a once blissful and wealthy home became a broken home. The true mother was gone, now the father….what a cruel world, why can life be this unpredictable, why do Mother Nature not pity her children and have mercy!

The two of them just couldn't live alone in that house, things were so difficult hence some family members had to come to their rescue. Two of their mum’s sisters, each of them decided to take Oluchi and her brother, the siblings now had to be divided into different homes after all they were now orphans and most times that's the outcome of such. They weren't happy especially due to the fact that they would hardly see, they had to be in different towns since both aunts do not live close. They knew they had no choice since they needed to continue with studies and both of them living with just one person may be too much burden.

It was barely 2 weeks Oluchi had been living with her aunt but it was another phrase of her life entirely. It was a time of real molestation from her aunt’s husband who threaten to kill her if she ever spoke. The man was so brutal and any time her aunt wasn't home he usually force her to bed and afterwards gave her some contraceptives to avoid pregnancy. It was all about torments and tears. Life looked miserable to the young innocent girl who when ever she reflects at her life causes that ugly wicked Uzoma who was more or less the architect of the disaster that became of her family.
Maybe if her mum had listened to those dreams or her dad had believed her on time the entire evil occurrences  would have been averted but sometimes she aslo think that maybe it was nothing but fate and not necessarily Uzoma been a witch… so many things ran through her heart and she just had to let go….she ran out of her aunts house one day and almost became a wanderer until today God intervened. She now lives with a woman and her family who cares and is willing to help her.

Her story is so touching but like the topic, this kind of broken heart can hardly be mended…too many days of tears but only God can give a lastly joy. 

When i heard about her life i felt like shedding tears....so many people out there have gone through so much in life and really it's a heart that bleeds...i would like us to whisper a little words of prayer that this never becomes of us in life NEVER and for those going through any form of molestation may God heal them of the wounds and set them free...

Yes! A lot of girls have been molested by uncles or neighbors while so many guys lost it through maids so really parents need to be more watchful. 


  1. Their father had no justifiable reason whatsoever to succumb to death, he should have kept pushing on.
    The man that molested Oluchi should have his lizard chopped like onions and forced into his throat, he knew the pains Oluchi was already going through, didn't he? Even if he didn't...
    Why any man would do that beats me, honestly...Women are precious and they deserve to be adored and respected.
    This looks like a true life story to me. If it is, Oluchi should please forgive that man and forge ahead with her life. His punishments awaits him.
    She should see a counselor to help her.
    God will surely give them a testimony, in His time.

    1. About the molester thats exactly what am talking about. People don't always care, pure selfishness and wickedness.

      Amen to those prayers cos the story is as real as life itself. Thanks so much Chris

  2. Wow... Temi you are good. May God almighty help us all...

  3. Wow... Temi you are good. May God almighty help us all...


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