Do you believe SOUL TIES??

Hello's topic is about sex...yea we are gonna be looking at how sweet it is *coughs*

Sex is sweet right? It's a spice in a relationship cos it makes love stronger (but that's when there is love in the first place) it brings a kind of bond between the partners but haven't
you really wondered one reason why God never likes it outside the 4 walls of marriage? Oh i think it's cos God loves marriage and He created sex among married couple. (it was ordained for marriage be it oral or intercourse) He made strictly for marriage in other to have pleasure and reproduce. He adds a spice to sex and that spice is that BOND.

So Let's go spiritual, you know God is spirit...lets have a spy at the realm of the spirit before we get back to the physical....You i said there is a kind of emotional bond after sex. The love grows stronger and also the 2 gets closer so also in the spirit realm the partners are tied together, the souls are tied like in chains. They become one just like God expects married people to be one.

Now the issue isn't just about been tied together lets take a look at the implications of the soul ties

  • Exchange of blood
  • Exchange of curse and blessings or whatever is the ancestral lineage of the other partner
  • They become one
In other words, it is sealed!!

Now lets talk about multiple sexual partners or an individual who sleeps with more than one man or woman get tied up to all of them and like i said there is an exchange of both curses and blessings. Let me bring a scenario here.. 

Back then in High School in my S.S 3 my class (arm) was so dramatic. People gossiping, fighting, beefing and more. The school was that kind of school with high standard even when it came to discipline and the rules were so ganster eh that any breach on it can lead to expulsion but not minding all the rules. one morning in class we found out that there was a small paper written by an unknown person. The later said too many things both falsehood, truths, dirty secrets and more. It talked too much and everyone began to rant. The class was in pandemonium to the extend that our class teacher and principal heard of it. All other classes came looking as students were almost beating up a girl they suspected had written those things. To cut the long story short, The VP came to her rescue and then spoke at length to us. She talked about Soul Ties since that note wrote a lot about girls having sex in the dormitory and all.

Now she said when a lady sleeps with a man her soul is tied up with him and also when she sleeps with another or more men are soul is tied up with them hence she becomes tied up with so many men. You know what?... It doesn't end there o the blesses and curses are exchanged or shared so imagine if one of the men she slept with has a ancestral curse e.g they don't live more than age 40. She will now be bond by that curse and so also the other men she slept with.

You see some guys or girls saying after they had sex with a particular lady or guy there problems increased and blah blah!! Well i think it's because of the soul ties.

Let me drop my pen here, i got really scared when i first heard this but do you believe in it? I mean soul ties or what are your thoughts?

I am not claiming to be a saint or trying to preach against or for sex before marriage. It is a personal choice. Like my blog depicts anything and everything from personal thoughts, beauty, style, love, life and whatever including discoveries and this is not different.

Pardon me if there are grammatical errors. It was a rush and i used my phone and in cases like this i make mistakes but not withstanding it shall be edited again. 


  1. waoo!! i got scared some where ooo lol but it good you spoke about this thing so we will be reminded of the bad things we do sha

    1. Got really scared when i first heard bout it too. Meh!

      Hehhehehe hws u dearie?

  2. Hiya mami....erhmmm...I do not agree with most of the things you wrote up there tho'.....that consciousness of having sex is WHY God asked Adam and Eve to stay away from that tree.....Adam and Eve were supposed to reproduce WITHOUT knowing what they had to do to bring forth kids.....the reason why God decided that people should get married and then have sex was cuz of the blood covenant (not soul ties) that sex brings about and also so that God can pardon the exercise (which in this case would be sex)..because Sex will ALWAYS be a sin to God buh if you have sex with your spouse then he can pardon that sin......buh hey! read....

    1. Hmmm mami i get your point.

      Ok let's forget about the pre-marital whatever. Let's talk about it for the married peeps.

      What do you think about convenant? I know it's an agreement between 2 people right but don't you think the soul tie thing comes afterwards( you can correct me dearie if am wrong) i mean the 2 gets tangled together as married peeps sharing so much flesh, one blood, bones to bone, soul to soul etc hehehehe

      Oya mamicita come back hun, wanna hear your view

  3. Hi temmie my first time commenting here but a huge fan of yours. On this i don't think i belive in soul ties. Maybe because i don't believe in spirituality. Cool write up all the same, well constructed.

    1. You dont believe in Spirituality?? Ehmm I hate to state it Anon but its as real as the air we breathe eh. Do you believe we have a soul? Well if you do yeah, then Just as the Physical man lives in the Physical world, the spiritual man lives in the spiritual world.

  4. Temidayo me I believe oh.
    If I tell you some stories ehn of how virtues have been lost through this sex of a thing. My friend got an awesome job and had sex with his ex.He lost the job until he prayed hard and had to confess his sin. Then he had a dream that his ex came to return something to him.
    Suddenly he was called back.
    I still thought of this topic yesterday cos of my ex.

    1. Yea seriously i have heard so many stuffs like that. Hmmm so scary, when bad things happen we get to wonder were it comes from. May God help us o

  5. I agree with you. My pastor talked about this topic before and i have heard stories of how curses creep into people's lives through sex. . God help us in our decisions.

  6. First of all Temmie, I admire the last Picture, its so Ghen ghen **Winks.. Ehmm so this post was an enlightening read yeah, but scary. Remember King David nah? Well He had plleeennntttyyy sex outside nah, and he was still okay. I really dunno, but medical bodies encourage sex for recreation, but about this soul Ties thing, me i dont know... It is well. Please dont make afraid to start catching me eh.. :(

    1. Hehehe i no u like girls u this nawti guy *winks*......

      Not every1 be like David wen go try all that but come get odesi so the curses bounce back like ball. Heehehe but i trust my Papi Duru, nothing do u, more blessings for u even more than king David

  7. Hmnnnn Temi... I got scared a bit o...well I've heard of covenant and blood ties through sex but this is on another level.... nice one though... you are one awesome writer o

  8. Yes it's the worst thing to get tangled into never connect yourself with someone you don't know or never met before in person false fantasies is the worst thing you could ever create you will only have this person in your head nearly something hard cut


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