Happy Sunday Guys + Giveaway winner!!!

Hello my sugar cocopops....it's Sunday and i am so happy, i think this is my very first Sunday post in a while.....how una dey now and how is the Sunday going. Do you know i actually prayed for you guys? Oh! don't even think of doubting me cos i did and would keep doing that, i want every one that reads this blog to be blessed tremendously, you guys are just dah best....Oya chop kisses now..... *in Moby's voice*

So today been Sunday all i wanna wish you guys is the best life can ever give. Do have fun.... walks away and then waits for a minute, oh! i forgot something...looks at everyone again. It's the giveaway thingy so lets talk about it.

So guys it's been a while i posted on that gratitude and giveaway but i have not been able to emerge the winner and this is because i have been looking out for the best and unbiased way to find the winner since everyone who put in for it are all my friends...before i continue i wanna tell you all thanks for entering for the giveaway, what else do i want, i mean this was indeed humility that you guys would wanna except my little token.. i am so glad about it.

Am sure you must have been wandering what the little token is abi well don't mind me o it is indeed small but the winner really needs to accept it hun because all that matters is not the value but a gift from a sincere heart. So soon Exclusivetins Blog will be giving out 100k Naira to blog readers as a token of appreciation but for now we never reach there....we sha get there someday and then i am not gonna be looking out for just one person as giveaway winner but everyone hehehe  see my big dream oh!

So am sure you are still wandering who the lucky winner is and what the token is. Well..... the token is just a 1500 naira worth recharge card voucher to just one lucky winner....

so i entered everyone for the giveaway and was thinking we should probably do a game on this blog and then the game winner would be the giveaway winner but unfortunately my head no come dey boot again so i decided to use the Random Picker. I entered for each name according to the first to comment and then click the go! To my utmost surprise it was someone....

It was my own dear Beautiful fashionistic Buiti!! gonna send you a mail soon. Thanks once again everyone, I know it's part of some fun thing here  *love u guys* 


  1. I won!! doing my shoki moves hehhehhehehe... Thanks so much darling and i pray God bless you abundantly and may your heart desire be attained. will reply your mail now

  2. Congrats Buiti....and a happy Monday to you Temi

  3. Aha!!! I just wrote a comment, and it seemed to just Varnish ggrrrr **Sad face. Congrats Buiti.. **Whispers I want my share of the loot oh. :(. Nice one Temmie,, don't worry soon by GOD's grace, we will be giving out struff worth more than 100K as gift items. Cheers Bubba, and just keep keeping Up. I likey... Plus I want Airtime too.. **Crying in French. :)

    1. Hehehe my nawti papi sorry bout the comment ish.
      Am sure ur gonna b d next one for the airtime cos ur name is Duru. *putting on your Mr Nigeria smile* Sup with u papi?

  4. Nice one and big congratulations to Buiti...Please remember to pay 10% of it as tithe in my church...

  5. Buiti....buiti....buiti.... officially I am beefing you.... you and I are no longer friends... we are OVER.... you stole my recharge card....not cool. You either send me half of it or this relationship is over. Shikena...


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