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Hello my beautiful peeps....been so busy lately so no time to post but just got this mail and had to post it here.
Join the Conversation Lagos, Nigeria: September 26th 2014

What is your dream for Nigeria? Join millions of Nigerians all over the world in sharing your dream for Nigeria this Independence day with the hashtag #IDreamOfaNigeria.
You can join the conversation on social media or drop by Lekki Phase 1 gate from 10am on October 1st and fill in your aspirations for Nigeria on a large chalkboard! Yes! An actual chalkboard! Now when last did you write on a chalkboard?
Join the Revolution. Join the Conversation Now! #IDreamOfaNigeria There are so many Independence Day campaigns, but this one takes the cake! This campaign is brought to you by

Do you believe SOUL TIES??

Hello's topic is about sex...yea we are gonna be looking at how sweet it is *coughs*
Sex is sweet right? It's a spice in a relationship cos it makes love stronger (but that's when there is love in the first place) it brings a kind of bond between the partners but haven't you really wondered one reason why God never likes it outside the 4 walls of marriage? Oh i think it's cos God loves marriage and He created sex among married couple. (it was ordained for marriage be it oral or intercourse) He made strictly for marriage in other to have pleasure and reproduce. He adds a spice to sex and that spice is that BOND.
So Let's go spiritual, you know God is spirit...lets have a spy at the realm of the spirit before we get back to the physical....You i said there is a kind of emotional bond after sex. The love grows stronger and also the 2 gets closer so also in the spirit realm the partners are tied together, the souls are tied like in chains…

Sisterhood of The World Blogger Award

Hello sugarlistic exclusive people....Good morning to you guys. So we got nominated again ooo this time from our own dear  Fredelia so i wanna say a big thank you sweetheart! Ok Moby and Tibs equally got this award and they nominated everyone who reads their blog so i can say they equally nominated me too since i read their blog but Fredelia did specifically mention us "Exclusive Tins"....wanna say a big thanks to the 3 of them.
So if you are wandering what this award is about it is simply an award given to a sister blogger from an another sister blogger. The rules are: Thank the blogger who nominated you  and link back to their sitePut the award logo on your blogAnswer 10 questions set by the blogger who nominated youNominate 10 new bloggersMake up 10 questions for your nominees
Before i go ahead on this i want use this opportunity to talk about our Darling  Tibs  who hasn't been feeling so fine and got everyone worried. It's so unusual cos it's been 5 days since s…

Happy Sunday Guys + Giveaway winner!!!

Hello my sugar's Sunday and i am so happy, i think this is my very first Sunday post in a una dey now and how is the Sunday going. Do you know i actually prayed for you guys? Oh! don't even think of doubting me cos i did and would keep doing that, i want every one that reads this blog to be blessed tremendously, you guys are just dah best....Oya chop kisses now..... *in Moby's voice*
So today been Sunday all i wanna wish you guys is the best life can ever give. Do have fun.... walks away and then waits for a minute, oh! i forgot something...looks at everyone again. It's the giveaway thingy so lets talk about it.
So guys it's been a while i posted on that gratitude and giveaway but i have not been able to emerge the winner and this is because i have been looking out for the best and unbiased way to find the winner since everyone who put in for it are all my friends...before i continue i wanna tell you all thanks for entering for the giveaw…

Heart Touching Story...Some Broken Hearts Never Mends 2

When her mum was lost into the cold hands of death the family found it hard to ever live like before.  They mourned her lost for long but life goes on and so they had to keep on with life.  Oluchi and her brother had to go back to school and everything was going perfectly well until suddenly their dad broke the news that he had seen another woman who would take care of them.  The woman had packed into the house with a child which she had conceived from her former marriage. At first the new wife bribed them with her smiles and kind gestures. Yay!  She was the kind of step mum they wanted. A woman that can replace their mum who never lasted, one that can comfort them, a mum that would be there like a true mum on their wedding day and give the motherly blessings and advice, a true woman is what they wanted and they were happy they found it in her..

When their dad had asked if they liked her, they had replied positively but behold time proved it all that she was just a wolf in sheep clothi…

Heart Touching Story...Some Broken Hearts Never Mend

As young as she was, she had gone through the thick and thin in life, she had tasted the devil’s meal ( if there was a kind of food the devil cooks) oh! it tasted badly. It smelt really dirty, and it brought endless tears with no consolation. It was obvious that laughter and joy never lasted in her heart because she lived in a world of penury and like the topic connotes…..some broken hearts never really mend, so is her heart….the scars from the broken pieces brought together can never really be erased!!!!!!!!
She is Oluchi by name and in September 23rd this year she is gonna be 21 years on earth, 21 years of tears and penury, 21 years of suffering, 21 years of her life spent in torment for unknown reasons. She lived in poverty, she was rejected but for some reasons known to the Almighty alone He had kept her alive alone in this world even when he had taken away her father, mother and only sibling to the land of the unknown called the land of the dead!
Oluchi was one of her kind, one of …

Good morning Friends, Am turning a new leaf....

Hello sugar guys got me thinking as early as 6 this morning and that's cos i wanna fulfill my promise to always post. Yesterday night i just couldn't do anything even though i was writing a true life story that am sure you guys would wanna read. Would have rushed to get it posted here but No! I hate been in an hurry to get things done because most times when i do that i find out that i make silly no rush! The post will be up here later in the day. Would be going out to visit an old friend hence would have the afternoon all tied up but be ensured that anything can come up. I always wanna be right here to talk to you, hear from you and share so  many things with you guys, you see am turning a new leaf now (God help me). No more delays, no more 2 days intervals or even a week before i get an issues posted here. Love you guys....
So i wanna use this opportunity to give a shout out to Obiamaka's Blog who hit the one year blog anniversary yesterday. B…

What Has the World Become? Mother and daughter in sexual relationship......

I wasn't surprise when i actually stumbled on this post somewhere on the net. Everyone knows the issue of homosexuality is something else.Yea! I always remember that there is nothing new under the sun and nothing is impossible too so what else do i expect. When i heard the story of Mary and Veritasha Carter i simply smile after all it's non of my business but really they are more than mother and daughter. They have a sexual bond between them in other words they are lesbian partners too.....

Temmie Ask?? What if she walks up to him?

Foluke couldn't stand this anymore....the feelings that erupted within her was beyond words and she could no longer stand it. Firstly, she is old enough to fall in love or indulge in a relationship. she has so many suitors but she just wouldn't wanna be in a rush into a relationship with a guy she doesn't love but here is a guy, that perfect dream man, that man that has totally captured her heart but she feels so sorry for could she walk up to him, how would she say those words, how is he gonna treat her, was she wrong to love him since it's the guy who is got to do the finding......
Hello my lovelies, Welcome on board peeps. It’s so nice to have you guys here….you see am doing better now and I really don’t wanna keep on disappointing with my late post so here I am today. You know one of the things I love about blogging? It’s cos I am learning more everyday, like seriously. I have been advised by some peeps to switch from this reality blogging sin…

The Gratitude Challenge, Love Letter, Blog Giveaway and More....

Hiya guys!! Been a while I did a post here *sad face* It's really beyond my control. So yesterday I broke the silence and I am so happy I did. I will be writing out a love letter but this time it's not just a love quote or note but a letter to the Almighty.. Been so long since I wrote some love notes so here I am in this.

In all seasons we really need to express our feelings to that special person. Hence, it isn't a bad ideal I know. I choose God Almighty as that special person I need to write to tonight.
Everyone has been tagging others for the gratitude challenge. Yes! why shouldn't we be charged to say thank you father for all the love and mercies He bestowed upon us. If you aren't grateful as for me I am o. Hence, even though I wasn't tagged to do so I know it is something that ought to be done every time so my gratitude to God will be in form of a dear daddy letter inspired by Duru and Moby and I hope this letter of mine will equally inspire someone out th…

A Tailored Love Story....Tunde Finds Foluso Via Social Media.

Hello exclusive people.....I am back here to tell a tale of love, love among two beautiful people.
No body send me message o na olofofo things hehehehe but all the same who doesn't know that popular award wining fiction blogger Tunde Leye. That guy is good, I remember moments when I was already addicted to his blog laying on my bed to read lovely series. That was long before I even started blogging. I remember I had sent a mail to him to put me through some little difficulties on how to go about posting on my blog and he had humbly replied me adding that he wasn't used to blogger platform as oppose to the wordpress which he uses. Don't mind my tales o I  just wanna talk! Like I said I don turn corporate olofofo because I am a blogger....*raise's permitted.

If you haven't stumbled on please do that if you are a lover of stories, fiction, series, books, whatever! So what made me talk about him tonight was the beautiful …