I actually made this post yesterday but got an awful outcome. It was incomplete and I felt so lazy to type all of that long thing with my lappy again but nevertheless I go still try.

It's been cold here in Nigeria. It's been raining cat and dog and the streets are flooded and for those staying in the ghetto areas of lasgidi it's been so messy and horrible (hehehehe) but the sunflower award was given notwithstanding the rain. hehehehe, Naso na!

We got nominated by these fantastic bloggers, please hurry and click on their blog. The are great bloggers

  • Icelaw Blog.  He will thrill you up with the latest fashion trends especially for men, lots more on that blog...
  • Tosin of Tosyne101. Awww!! Our fashionista to bash gan. You just have to see that blog....
  • Amaka of Seyonhundeyin's Blog she is da bomb when it comes to lyrics of songs and life issues....
  • Moby of  Diary of A Lagos Drama Queen. Our Queen Moby is so hilarious, she has a whole lot on that blog, beauty, life, rants and more...
  • Ernie (TIBS) of everydaytibs.blogspot.com. she is an amazing writter...fabulous relative topics, games and debates. A must read!!
Thank you much wonderful bloggers who nominated Exclusivetins Blog

The rules are:
  • Share 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer the question set by the blogger(s) 
  • who nominated you
  • Nominate bloggers 
  • Set 7 questions for the bloggers you nominated  

  1. I am a Nigerian from Oyo state
  2. I love cooking and baking
  3. I love going out
  4. I wanted to be an actress, a newscaster or host Tv shows
  5. I am easy going but when am angry na die ooo
  6. see guys am short f words here. check out my post on 20 random facts about me
( like I said earlier this is a quick post and I don't intend boring you up so will pick 1 question from each of my bloggers who nominated us)

  1. How did you start blogging? (ICELAW BLOG) I wanted to reach out to people in a way since I wanted to be a Tv girl but had little challenges as regard that. Hence I found blogging as an opportunity to do some stuffs related to that. I also had some little write ups and found it as a suitable forum to display such. I had gone to my best friend google.com  and typed ''how to start a blog''  the rest na story. lol  I got details about it, that was October 2013 but i didn't know how to use my blogger account until October 2013
  2. Whats your inspiration in life? (TOSYNE) God is my ultimate inspiration in life then I also get inspired by people  
  3. Most visited web page? (AMAKA) google.com  followed by nairaland.com
  4. Whats your take on rebound relationship? it isn't the best way to get over an heartbreak. No read this my old when you have to let her go
  5. would you still want to remain a girl in the life to come (if there is) yes oo i would wanna be a woman over and over again read this post reincarnation and the fairer sex

My Nominees are:

Same as the questions I answered and this too:
  • What scares you most in life?
  • What is the greatest gift you cherish most?
  • **********
Like I said it is a quick post, I wish I could be constant on my blog post but I am having some little challenges and the saddest thing is I really need to be calm and patient when posting to avoid errors.. .I hope to improve by posting regularly (God help me). Thanks to everyone who takes out time to read this blog and most importantly drop comments. May God bless u

Love you guys ......


  1. Cooking and baking?!?!?.....Ugh....oh wow!!!....really nice!

  2. Ohh my Oyo sister chop kisses...xx

  3. Hmm... That nice sis.

  4. cool babe, happy birthy in advance girl..http://jenniquecreatives.blogspot.co.uk/

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. get well soon and thanks for sharing a lil bit abt your self with us


  7. I love going out tooooo oh. In fact I prophesy into my life that you will take me out before the end of the year... Amen!!!!! **winks

  8. it was nice to read about you , Congratulations on the award.


    Oh , by the way , if you would like to follow each other on Google friend connect my blog link is above , i always follow back .....thanks.

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