My Rants or a talk show? call it whatever ( Lets talk about vengeance, wickedness and oppression)

a big leg oppresses the smaller legs and then each of them do not deserve sympathy since they all are wicked.
Today I wanna act like Tibs. Oh that lady is another drama queen cos when I read her blog post it's always like I am sitting right in front of her listening like I'm in a seminar and she is the speaker. So like I said early am gonna act like Tibs, wanna be a lecturer today.

Temmie walks in holding Tib's ruler trying to start up some kind of conversation with the class. *facing my see guys, today's post maybe a long post unlike my usual post. Maybe I should call this my rants or a talk show *roll eyeballs....ok! not a talk show because you aren't watching a video of me right?

Alright darlings lets ride on......

When I first saw this picture you are seeing above, a lot of things came to my mind. I could pick out a whole lot of issues from this ordinary image. It tells a tale, tales of reality that I would love to share with you guys. A tale that preaches on forgiveness and a no pay back therapy. You see many of us are in the habit of pay back, you do me I do you, God no go vex. We always feel he hurt me so I must pay back. Sometimes if you let hurts go like that the people who wronged you may take you as a coward hence you want to pay back but never mind I will be sharing a story on that with you at the end paragraph of this post. So lets shift from this pay back issue for now but talk about oppression and wickedness first like the picture above depicts.

Normally when I first saw this picture I saw 2 things about it.  payback/vengeance and oppression.

When I was in secondary school I used to have a particular sit mate like that (junior class). It was at that time when the HIV/AIDS issue was rampant, everyone was just hearing more about it and getting really scared. Then guest speakers will host a talk show in our school to create awareness about the virus. So one day, I just can't remember what brought about that conversation between me and my sit mate but I remember she made a statement that if she happens to become a victim of that virus she will make sure she sells it out to as many people as possible.  This was how she said it " I will spread it out to the world, give as many people as possible that I see, I can't die alone now". That really made me scared of her, so people are like this? That was so mean I thought. Ok! if one is going through a challenge do you have to pray for the people around you to be rubbed of that too?
Lets forget about the babe sef what about Partrick Sawyer. On Ebola  issue, reports said that the man had come to Nigeria to seek medical help, he knew he was a carrier of the deadly virus so had intentionally escaped been quarantined. I don't agree that he needed medical help that's why he came to Nigeria. Why Nigeria of all places? Nigeria where we have to seek help from the whites, where we can't take care of our own problems but wait patiently for the white man to help us out. So then must it be the Nigerian Doctors, why not the United States or India after all he could afford boarding a flight to those countries. So what was his intention then, to make Nigerians go through what he was going through or what? Ok! maybe it wasn't intentional but it was equally an act almost similar to the case of that ex sit mate of mine I talked about.

I also heard of a nurse who escaped been quarantined too, I don't know how true this is because I didn't read or hear it myself in the news. She had ran to Enugu with her husband and kids but unfortunately calamity befell them when they all (including their host) fell victim of the virus. Why should she ever do that even to her own family?

What about the churches were some pastor oppresses the congregation using scriptures or in God's name
Pastor: God said you should give the church £15million cash within a week or His wrath will fall upon you.
Pastor: (throws money back at a church member) how dare you pay just £200 in the offering plate, don't you know been stingy to God will imply abject poverty?
Some pastors go as far as rendering curses on their members using the name of God and the bible to oppress not even considering the pocket of that individual and those who can't meet up may start feeling like the greatest sinners. Isn't that part of oppression? Yes it is!

What about the oppressive legs in the society. The ogas at the top embezzling money, eating a big part of the National Cake and then dropping crumbs for the masses to feed on. Federal Government gives out £10000000 to State Government for bridge construction but people in the State Government gives only £5000000 to the Local Government who also embezzles some funds and release only £3000000 to the people in charge and then those people also take their share and make use of only £1500000 for the purpose to which it was meant for and at the end what do we have? Fake products, counterfeits which may not last. What about the rich oppressing the poor and these days it takes only God's grace for the son of a pauper to become something in life since he doesn't have connection to make it to the top.

On matters like this sometimes I weep within because it has eaten up to the grassroots and everyone who goes into power wants to act like the people before. When then will things get better.....

Now lets get back to the issue of Vengeance because I will be sharing out a personal experience from this too.... Why pay back, why not just let sleeping dogs lie. I understand really terrible cases when it's so hard to forgive, really it is but then I want to pass a message here today for everyone including me that we should learn to swallow some oppressive issues so we do not end up like the men in this picture above or any of the cases mentioned above.

Let me tell you a story...
One day a driver and his boss' wife were both going to see the boss who was critically ill at the hospital but on their way they encountered a terrible traffic. It took a while as they waited patiently for the cars ahead to move  (it was a T- junction and they were on the straight road) but suddenly a car came from no were, hit the car and then overtook them with out even a sorry. The driver came down from the car wanting to fight back and he was still beaten horribly  and slapped by the careless wicked driver. The driver insisted on taking action not withstanding that he didn't have money or connection and this got the careless driver angry, he took a knife out of his bag but as he was about to plow it through the stomach of that driver, passers by and shop owners came to rescue him. 

Now driver insisted on going to the station with the man but on getting there in the barracks he realized all the soldiers could not help him out because that careless driver happens to be their boss. All they could say was we are sorry but believe  me we can't do anything right now. Although he insisted that no one hurts him and go away but really this time he had to let it be. While leaving the barrack he got a call that his wife had given birth and he was so happy now. Maybe if he still insisted that man would have killed him for his family, he would have just wasted his life like that without anyone taking justice. The story is so true...a real story.

So back to the matter of the day as I close my book to go home, still holding Tib's ruler pointing at everyone out here reading this that at times we really need to let go of those who hurt us. Why fight back when you can't see what is ahead of the fight. So many people have lost their lives in a battle.

I am not a saint and I know there are a lot of time we need to act back when been oppressed but let's remember the times when a fight may lead to somewhere you never expected.

Now guys, I wanna hear you talk, talk about the issues I mentioned above, rant if you can, talk about why wickedness is so rampant, talk about personal experiences or encounters with oppression and even pay back. Tell me those real tales I wanna hear.

See this picture above made me really cry. if you haven't heard or read it. A woman did that to her house maid, made me really sad.


  1. Omdaysssss...the heart of man is wicked. No way..this is not fair

  2. Chineke me!
    This is wickedness oh! Kilode?what could the maid have done?

    1. I tire o. According to what i read the house help bed wetted and that was it o! She asked the young girl to sit on a burning gas cooker....


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