Coke Proposal

These days guys have been coming up with a whole lot of amazing and beautiful ways of proposing to their baby. Check this out too. Isn't it lovely?


  1. Grrr....throughout today...I have been trying to be nice....buh nope!...I can't hold myself with this....this proposal only works for girls who love the refrigerator alot.....(them big girls)......for someone like me who sometimes finds it hard to walk down to the kitchen, let alone put something in my belly, this will be a Proposal Gone Wrong for me..........those bottles will have to freeze.....**looks around** I tried to be nice...I blame you temmie....How are you mami...been a while...

    1. Lolzz. Am not a fan of coke too but am sure am gonna love it cos I love surprises. Imagine opening the freeze and seeing somthing I least expected.

  2. nice o..i will definitely say a coke lover.x

  3. Sorry i will say no, coke for what ? no no

  4. Dear future hubby, start taking notes. Enough said....

  5. 6bottles of coke on our tableau for proposing to HER seem hilarious to me. I would love it simple and point on.

  6. cute cute post, i love this, so nice, lovely cool pictures. post on blog..


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