And James Wept!

Written by Onome Tadefe

Words blistering so old

An octogenarian growing older and cold

Steps that were taken

Steps he wished he could have taken

A linesman he watched from the side-lines.

The flag was his, but he allowed the players to step on mines

Like the man in black and white stripes, he encouraged the tackles

The red and yellow; he used; Nay!

The effect of the blast bringing him closer to his grave

Tears that flow with so much strife

Yet he weeps with so much life.

Ecclesiastes 3:1, he paid it no mind

To their sight he was always blind

The stretching of their arms

When they were seeking for alms

He detested them and whipped them with palms

He forgot what says

An employer with a whip; alias slave master

At his sight, employees ran helter skelter

Years gone by; slaves are now masters of masters

Offspring’s love for him; in spite of his closeness

To the grave was always in tatters

Tears now flow with so much strife

Yet he weeps with so much life.

A prodigal son, yielding an unwanted grandson

‘He’; the architect; He gave him a solid foundation

A solid foundation indeed’

Eve, went away cos he was a bird that 

didn't know how to stay

Day by day

Eve went always cos he was Floyd May-weather;

''Riches could train up a child’’, thought he
Possessions and fortunes will make a good restitution, thought he

All alone, ‘’Isolation’’, the companion to his grave

Oh! I forgot; except the wig man, the ‘will’ he gave

''in silence ailing voice’’, Make sure to them,

They get thee’’

An instruction to the man in gown; gave He

In the wake of death, He showed no bravery,

As he slumbers into the deep sleep

Regrets refuse to slumber to sleep

Despite the eternal sleep, tears still flow with

So much life

And yet hge rests in grief with so much strife.

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  1. Wow!'s been a while mami......hows you?...Nice post!

  2. Nice post.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Lovely and great write up.
    *I've done the Tag post pls, you can check it out. Appreciated!*

  4. Nice post Temmie, miss you my Oyo sister


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