A Rebound... tears, love, good or bad?

Have you ever experienced what it means to love and lost? It feels so sad when a thing like that happens.

That was the exact thing that happened to Sonia when she met that branch called Tunde when she lost his love.

It was so hurtful that she was ready to tear herself apart, burning in pain, begging for his love which he was not ready 
to give to her since he had found respite in the hands of another woman.

I never believed Tunde could do a thing like that to me, I had showed him so much affection and went too far to prove my love to him. I went as far as scamming my dad back then in school to ensure that he got enough money to pay his way through school. I put in so much all to much to make him happy but at the end he walked out of my life. It was so bad and no matter how hard i tried to forget him i just couldn't. This was how i found myself in the world among drunkards. I had to take those bottles to make me feel better and forget about him but one sad thing is i was totally loosing my senses, i lost myself to the cold hands of heartbreak which i knew i had to shake off and be back to life.

One night ,Tomi, my friend had met me in that awful state and had asked me to come chill with her in the club. That was it! She wanted me to find another guy and indeed that very night i met Mike. He would do anything to have me love him but i just couldn't compare with Tunde. They were two different people entirely. Tunde was more taller, handsome, and the lively type. I can't explain that magnet that drew me to him, it was forever gonna make me wanna stick to him.
Mike on another hand was reserved and caring but despite the obvious feelings he had for me i couldn't love him like i loved Tunde.
Mike showed me so much love and got me gifts hence i began to consider a relationship with him. yes! Maybe that could have helped me stop my drinking and loving Tunde. My friend advised me too to give him a chance in my life since i needed someone to love again and at least his love and care could make me get over Tunde.
wanna still hear your views

I agreed on that advise and that was how our relationship blossomed. knowing he loves me gave me a lot of assurance that i was safe with him. He was ready to be mine forever and i gradually learnt to love and appreciate him more. It was an interesting relationship and i could never mean to hurt Mike not because I loved him but because I knew he loved and respected me or so i thought until one day Tunde walked into my life again.
He had walked into my office that morning with a banquet of flowers which he placed on my table and a card which read  i love you . I walked into the office that day only to see on those beautiful scented flowers and a love note in that card and before i could say anything he had wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed my neck softly. He knew i could hardly resist him and as much as i tried to hold myself together he pressed on and i gave it all to him. 
I shed those tears, it emitted like rain drops. I let them out saying those words to him i love you baby, i never stopped loving you.
That very night i slept under the sheets with him clinging closely to him not wanting to let go. while i lay on the bed and he was fast asleep it was then the memories of Mike started to strip in. I wandered what had gone over me, he didn't deserve what i was doing to him. This was a cheat on him! As much as i felt guilty something told me Tunde was my first true love, he was the one i always wanted and it was then I realized my relationship with Mike was just a rebound and despite all odds i couldn't let go of Tunde.
Things began to go sour between myself and Mike since i never had his time again. I would nag at him on trivial issues, kiss Tunde right in Mike's front after all Mike was aware Tunde was there before him. It was a sad tale when eventually Mike felt totally heartbroken when I had to make a choice and it had to be just one. I choose Tunde, my love for him was pure. Lovers fight and make up again so why should ours be different? I think that is permitted.
Now as i write to you guys i feel sad that i had to do this to Mike. He deserved true love, he wanted me, he was nice and caring, soft hearted and didn't deserve to be treated the way i did to him but was it my fault?
So that was a fiction but really i had experienced similar situation before. where i had to date a guy who had been on my case for so long, i never loved him but knowing that he did i gave him a chance when i had broken up with someone i felt for. I never went back to my ex but i just couldn't love Mr B which ended up and i felt like the wicked girl/cheat (we are still friends now though). on another hand i have heard of cases where lovers get closer and a rebound relationship yields fruitful result where a lady or guy gives a chance in a quest to forget someone or get over an heartbreak and eventually they end up been perfect together.
what is your take on rebound relationship and remember it feels bad when you are the one who was used to get over another?


  1. Baby mi, you have a really beautiful mind. This is such a wonderful post, it had me thinking and imagining with you. Now that's Talent :). I have a problem with dating people out of pity. I think it's wrong. It's like accepting to be in prison. If you don't like someone, if they make you tick, and if they don't give you chills, I think you should just let them be. I hate rebounds, and aswear if I was Mike, I would find a way to hurt you back. But oh well all in all, its all fiction. But I think dating out of pity is jus wrong in all ramifications.

    Nice post Baby mi, its glad to see that in the midst of all the crisis and endemics, your beautiful mind is still working beautifully well.... We still want to see your Birthday pictures oh Temmie. :p

  2. A learnt a lot from dating out of pity. It just doesn't work at the end brining heartbreak and regrets eventually. There are other ways to get over a heart break instead of indulging in a rebound.

    No birthday pics jare. Hehehe one of d dullest birthdays of mine can't compare it to the one of last year but I am grateful to God not withstanding.

    Thanks for stopping by Papi!!

    1. Now you really need to pardon my typo 'I' instead of 'A'. My fone just wouldn't behave. Hehehe

    2. No P! Bubba, my Tablet does it to me all the time, and always lives me Shaking my Head.. lmao... Cheers

  3. good post.. i have experienced it.. nice story. http://jenniquecreatives.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. Great post, rebound relationship is not that bad, we all need help to move on. But going back to the former lover is not good enough, that's living in the past.

  5. rebounds are just people that are used. basically.....because the other person needs to get over there last partner and they find the next best thing to get there mind off of that last person...there no love in it..just a passify for the dumped person or even the dumpee...i wouldn't even call them relationships...more like "elongated flings".......and it doesnt work because there not suppose to...that person doesnt plan on staying with the "rebound" from the start.....it just smooths the transition from not single..to single Nice Post Temi


  6. Temi this iss a great post, Well am not fan of rebound relationships cos i feel the victim's head is still clouded..


  7. amazing post, love it


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