As a reader of the YoungandConfused Blog, guess what? The blogger asked in a topic What does a woman want? Lets say he was my inspiration. Yay!! I know I really need to talk about this....

 A lot of people get really confused on what a woman wants or what a man wants. We try to play it right but sometimes it crumbles, crashes, breaks, ends, whatever! and then we keep thinking were we need to make it better, were we need to work things out, how to make him or her happy. What does a woman really want? Someone said women are confused about what they want but know what they don't want so if you are a man who is confused about what a woman wants then this post is for you and if you are a confused woman as  regard your wants, then note them. This is what you want or so I think....

One thing is sure in life that people differs in reaction and expression of feelings and hence even though I will be drafting out 10 things woman want. It doesn't apply to all women. Some ladies want the gentle guy but some girls want the bad guy, some ladies want guys that drink and smoke but some don't.

To the best of my knowledge these are 10 things ladies want in a  man. 10 things you need to know or be reminded:

  1. Love and Care: who doesn't want to be cared for, to be treated like a baby, like a princess, like an egg. yes! a woman quest for care. she wants to be pampered, she wants a man that can make her feel like a super star.She doesn't mind it when he calls her regularly or comes to see her often. It's only when she doesn't love you that she does't give a fuck about you even when she hasn't heard from you for so long. 
  2. Defensive and Protective: who doesn't want a man who can protect her and defend her even if his parents and family are against her. She doesn't need a mama's boy. She needs that mental strength too so when she is emotionally down you can be comforted (you know woman are weaker). She wants you to be her hero!
  3. Financial Security: women love money, good looks is all about money. All  those shoes, hairdo, clothing etc. She wants a man who is capable of taking care of her nevertheless as a guy don't do beyond your capacity. Let her know when you don't have much but when you have shower her with all of that stuffs she needs...
  4. Romantic: hold her, kiss her, tell her those sweet words she loves to hear. People say a woman is influenced by what she hears but a man is influenced by what he sees. That's so true, make her know how much she mean to you.
  5. Sense Of Humour: she wants you to joke with her, make her feel at home with you. let her feel free to gossip to you about someone *winks, laugh with you ( just don't be serious all the time but be free at times)
  6. Be Open and Understand Her:  don't hide secrets from her, make her know you understand and trust her.
  7. Sexy body:  that 6 packs hehehehe that will make her go gaga. oh! don't mind me just be yourself ooo but try look attractive with your simple but classy wears, perfumes and all
  8. Be Firm: she doesn't want a man who doesn't stand by his words, she wants a real man who is firm and can be trusted for what he says 
  9. Honesty: Not false tales. It's a wrong conception that women love lies
  10. Faithfulness: let her be the only true love of your life. Yaay!! That's want she wants


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