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My Rants or a talk show? call it whatever ( Lets talk about vengeance, wickedness and oppression)

Today I wanna act like Tibs. Oh that lady is another drama queen cos when I read her blog post it's always like I am sitting right in front of her listening like I'm in a seminar and she is the speaker. So like I said early am gonna act like Tibs, wanna be a lecturer today.
Temmie walks in holding Tib's ruler trying to start up some kind of conversation with the class. *facing my see guys, today's post maybe a long post unlike my usual post. Maybe I should call this my rants or a talk show *roll eyeballs....ok! not a talk show because you aren't watching a video of me right?
Alright darlings lets ride on......
When I first saw this picture you are seeing above, a lot of things came to my mind. I could pick out a whole lot of issues from this ordinary image. It tells a tale, tales of reality that I would love to share with you guys. A tale that preaches on forgiveness and a no pay back therapy. You see many of us are in the habit of pay back, you…

My Big Nigeria Wedding....Season 1 Trailer

EXCLUSIVE: Watch Highlights of Yemisi & Yomi's Dream Wedding in the My Big Nigerian Wedding Season 1 Trailer!
Yemisi and Yomi, winners of the first season of My Big Nigerian Wedding entered for the competition along with hundreds of couples for a chance to win a N15Million wedding and a honeymoon in Dubai.
In this exciting video below, we can see the couple's journey on how they won the finals of the competition along with some snippets of their meeting with top wedding vendors like Kelechi Amadi-Obi, Banke Meshida-Lawal of BM Pro, Tosan Jemide of Cakes by Tosan, Mai Atafo of Mai Atafo Inspired & Bola Sanda of Molbaks Alaso-Oke. Click here ( ) to see all the wedding vendors who made the Amazing Dream Team.
My Big Nigerian Wedding is produced by WED Expo in partnership with Riverside Productions, the TV Production Company producing the Reality TV Show. Watch out for Episodes of the show…


As a reader of the YoungandConfused Blog, guess what? The blogger asked in a topic What does a woman want? Lets say he was my inspiration. Yay!! I know I really need to talk about this....

 A lot of people get really confused on what a woman wants or what a man wants. We try to play it right but sometimes it crumbles, crashes, breaks, ends, whatever! and then we keep thinking were we need to make it better, were we need to work things out, how to make him or her happy. What does a woman really want? Someone said women are confused about what they want but know what they don't want so if you are a man who is confused about what a woman wants then this post is for you and if you are a confused woman as  regard your wants, then note them. This is what you want or so I think....

One thing is sure in life that people differs in reaction and expression of feelings and hence even though I will be drafting out 10 things woman want. It doesn't apply to all women. Some ladies want the …

The 9 places men want to be touched

#1. It is all on his face As per Chinese medicine, yang is a kind of male energy that has been associated with male s*xual drive for years and to top it all, male face is the ground for most of the yang channels. You got it right! Try and relax your partner’s mood by running your fingers gently over his face. Start from gently pressing his temple to relieve his pressure and then gently go down to his cheek and then lips. You will see a marked difference in his mood instantly.
#2. Soothe the neckline Neck is the next region to explore. Neck region that holds thyroid gland is believed to get stimulated upon gentle caresses, which is responsible for body’s metabolism, including his s*xual drive. Start the action with a feather and arrange a flirtatious arrest of his Adam’s apple with your hands in a circular motion. After a while, switch the action with your lips!
#3. Play it along his ears Ear lobe is a zone that has numerous nerve endings, so every time you touch his ear lobe, he will go…

The Nigeria Wedding Exhibition

Refer an Exhibitor to WED Expo and get PAID N10,000 Cash!

Yes you read it right. You get paid N10,000 cash for every exhibitor you introduce to WED Expo from now till September 10th. No Questions Asked. It’s Nigeria’s Largest Wedding Exhibition!

Do you know a wedding service provider like a wedding planner, makeup artist, decorator, cake maker, AsoOke maker, dessert expert, photographer, Aso-ebi merchant, Accessories maker, Rings and Bands, caterer, videographer, bridal house, groom house, designer? Now you can get paid by just referring them to exhibit at WED Expo – Nigeria’s Largest Wedding Exhibition. All you have to do is talk to a friend, colleague, family member on buying a booth at WED Expo.

WED EXPO WEST – October 10th to 12th – Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), Lagos
WED EXPO NORTH – October 17th to 19th – M & M Event Center, Abuja
WED EXPO SOUTH/EAST – October 25th to 26th – Airforce Gardens, Port Harcourt

1) Shared Booth: Formerly N80,000 NOW N50,000  2 exhibitor…

Coke Proposal

These days guys have been coming up with a whole lot of amazing and beautiful ways of proposing to their baby. Check this out too. Isn't it lovely?

I Rather Stay Lonely Than Love Again..

There are different definitions of love. Temmie says: love is a strong passionate feelings that chills the heart, it's the major ingredient that keeps a relationship going. Dictionary: An intense feeling of affection and care towards another person. My dad once told me marriage for instance is not all about the love the youth depicts... well his definition of love is true to a large extend, the religious definition of love. He said true love is when you marry a responsible God fearing man because true religion makes a man morally good and he would be forced to treat a woman right hence what is the outcome? It looks like love now, we call that kind of good marriage a place where love abides. He may not have that intense feelings but since he treats his woman right then he is in love. lets forget that side sha, I wan yan una story for here not definition of love but  just felt like adding this one to make this short post a bit longer. lol.
Am sure this topic ''I Rather Stay…

A Rebound... tears, love, good or bad?

Have you ever experienced what it means to love and lost? It feels so sad when a thing like that happens.
That was the exact thing that happened to Sonia when she met that branch called Tunde when she lost his love.
It was so hurtful that she was ready to tear herself apart, burning in pain, begging for his love which he was not ready  to give to her since he had found respite in the hands of another woman.
I never believed Tunde could do a thing like that to me, I had showed him so much affection and went too far to prove my love to him. I went as far as scamming my dad back then in school to ensure that he got enough money to pay his way through school. I put in so much all to much to make him happy but at the end he walked out of my life. It was so bad and no matter how hard i tried to forget him i just couldn't. This was how i found myself in the world among drunkards. I had to take those bottles to make me feel better and forget about him but one sad thing is i was totally l…

And James Wept!

Written by Onome Tadefe
Words blistering so oldAn octogenarian growing older and coldSteps that were takenSteps he wished he could have takenA linesman he watched from the side-lines.The flag was his, but he allowed the players to step on minesLike the man in black and white stripes, he encouraged the tacklesThe red and yellow; he used; Nay!The effect of the blast bringing him closer to his graveTears that flow with so much strifeYet he weeps with so much life.
Ecclesiastes 3:1, he paid it no mindTo their sight he was always blindThe stretching of their armsWhen they were seeking for almsHe detested them and whipped them with palmsHe forgot what says An employer with a whip; alias slave masterAt his sight, employees ran helter skelterYears gone by; slaves are now masters of mastersOffspring’s love for him; in spite of his closenessTo the grave was always in tattersTears now flow with so much strifeYet he weeps with so much life.
A prodigal son, yielding an unwanted grandson‘He’; the arch…


I actually made this post yesterday but got an awful outcome. It was incomplete and I felt so lazy to type all of that long thing with my lappy again but nevertheless I go still try.
It's been cold here in Nigeria. It's been raining cat and dog and the streets are flooded and for those staying in the ghetto areas of lasgidi it's been so messy and horrible (hehehehe) but the sunflower award was given notwithstanding the rain. hehehehe, Naso na!
We got nominated by these fantastic bloggers, please hurry and click on their blog. The are great bloggers
IcelawBlog.  He will thrill you up with the latest fashion trends especially for men, lots more on that blog...Tosin of Tosyne101. Awww!! Our fashionista to bash gan. You just have to see that blog....Amaka of Seyonhundeyin's Blog she is da bomb when it comes to lyrics of songs and life issues....Moby of  Diary of A Lagos Drama Queen. Our Queen Moby is so hilarious, she has a whole lot on that blog, beauty, life, rants and m…

Happy New Month Guys..It's my birthday in a bit.

Hello people am so sorry about my absence in the blogosphere. Really miss you guys, tomorrow is my birthday *dancing..... Wanna shout out to my new blogger friend  Peaceitimi  thanks for been a member of this blog. We love you and you are highly welcome. So guys am wishing everyone of us a fabulous August. Enjoy yourselves...