Vicious Prophesy


She couldn't hold those tears that emitted from her eyes. She let out the words as she burnt in pain and like a woman who had been pressed for years and it's time to empty her bowels, she said just these words before she told her horrible tale: "vicious prophecies’’.

She told the tale which I will be sharing with you guys…. 

Tolu grew up not knowing who are mum was or what she ever looked like. Her mum had left her dad while she was just 3 years old to marry another man who was based at Owerri and her mum had taken their first child Tomi to live with the man also. It’s been over 11 years since she had been forced to live without a mother. Things were not easy for them, dad worked really hard to make ends meet and train her to the university where she was studying nursing. She was so fond of her dad and he too. Although there was no much money they both were fond of themselves on till one day something weird happened.

It was a new day as the crock crew. She didn't notice on time that a hand had been caressing and licking all over her. Something had been moving on her body towards her sexual organ so she quickly opened her eyes and to her surprise she saw her dad clad on his birthday suite lying right on top of her. He ripped her off her clothes and began to thrust in as if he had a right to her body. She burnt and erupted in pain and as she tried screaming, he gripped her mouth thrusting inside of her endlessly. Her voice was gone; her tears were so obviously gushing out of her already weak eyes. He looked at her with regret as he too burnt in tears at the immoral act and messy state he had put his own daughter into. She lay on the bed has she covered her face with a cloth while he got away from on top of her. He just raped her, why on earth is he having a regretful look on his face. Didn't he realize or know what he was doing before indulging in such sacrilege? 

After a few minutes of silence he looked at the clock in his hands and again pounced on her. She was wrapped with just a small wrapper and he was about to get into her again but this time she couldn't let it happen. Not again! She pushed him off her as his back hit against the wall and she ran down the streets to report the assault to her aunt. On getting there before she fully explained the story her aunt had cut in..’’Please take it easy, all these is for your own good, your dad just have to do this to spare you. He knows the best for you’’. Tolu stuttered: What does he know aunt maybe you don’t understand what I am saying. I mean----before she could say a word her dad was already there. He pushed her into the bedroom and was about to rip her off her clothes again but this time she had enough of that, she was ready to fight to her defense as she got hold of him and picked up an empty bottle at the corner of the bed and hit him hard on his head. Blood gushed out as he fell before everyone…

Everyone seemed to be blaming her as if she had taken the wrong action to defend herself, they took a scornful look at her but she just couldn't understand where she had gone wrong. When has defending oneself become a taboo? Yea… she didn't mean to hit her old man but he deserved it, at least that’s the only way she could save herself. 

Ok guys, don’t mind me hun. That was just a mere fictive writing but believe me situations similar to this happen every day. Barbaric believe, vicious prophecies and more… so in this write up the man had been told to sleep with his daughter 3 times  within a day to avert death. The girl had sat in the midst of the elders who opened to her the reason behind the rape that a revelation was foretold of her going to die if her dad had not done it.

He was first reluctant but after all he agreed.    


I had stumbled across something similar to that earlier today which inspired me to write this story. I want us to talk about it. Read it HERE 

Another horrible prophecy… this one wasn't them say o. I got it from a reliable source *olofofo things... Ejiro was just 9 years in primary four when she was told to get married to guy of 12 years. You won’t believe her educated parents allowed that marriage for fear that if she didn't she will die. She got expelled from school anyway.  That marriage was actually conducted in the church can you imagine? So you see that even in this 21st century there are prophecies that depict vicious actions and measures to avert a cause. 

My questions now is:

Do you blame people for taking such measures as response to prophesy foretold?Have you heard of cases like this and if you have please share with the house Do you believe in such prophecies Why does such funny acts occur only in Africa or am I wrong to think it happens only in Africa? 

My beautiful people, share your views on this topic.  lets talk……..


  1. Oh mami.....**I gotta read this again**

    1. Heheheee. Hmmmm Mami hope it isn't a boring topic hun. Anyways how are u deari?

    2. Oh no mami...I was in school when I read it tho...I kinda read it in a rush....I just took my time...mami...this is sad story....*sigh*.....I gotta say this....people go looking for trouble did people forget so fast that a pope, reverend, bishop, pastor or prophet are just how did that happen??.....mami....I gotta be honest...I don't give a rat's ass if he is my father or whoever that man is....the Ernie of today might just kill him and I would still sleep fine at night.....This story got to my heart....**sigh*

    3. Awww OK Ernie...I don't know when people would cease to believe in these kind of prophesies.

      Thanks so much for your contribution. Mami!! U are da best

  2. Here in africa many people put themselves in the trouble of even believing in these superstitions and prophecies. When you believe in this things its gonna catch up with you.

  3. Great sad story Temi. I also wonder why these only happen in Africa. We have brought ourselves to believe these myths and unfortunately people are suffering because of this. Hmmm...

  4. Why people allowed themselves be swayed by such prophets of doom beats me.
    Shits like this happen everyday especially in the hinterlands and the worst of it is that they are okayed by some traditional and even religious beliefs.
    Temy you wrote the story sharp sharp, hence the little typos. Re-edit it. Thumbs up, ore mi.

    1. Thanks so much, don't mind me @ times I type too fast and when I do na wahala.

      Gonna re-edit, really appreciate hun *hugs

  5. Sad story.
    Giveaway on my blog.

  6. awesome post


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