Style Inspiration: Rock some yellow.

Who said yellow isn't beautiful? I remember how I had gone out with some colleagues to get a corporate wear for our party. We got a beautiful pink chiffon sheer blouse to match with a corporate pencil skirt. The blouse available  was just 6 whereas we were 8.

We needed that blouse but it just wouldn't be enough since we were more than 6. Now the store lady advised that we take the yellow colour but everyone declined. "I hate yellow", so eventually we ended up not buying that blouse.

Now I am just wondering if yellow is actually a bad ideal. Pink is a ladies colour and sometimes people call pink a childish colour. *Bat eyelashes* That doesn't stop me personally from loving pink.

In a nutshell this is an inspiration to style those outfit this season with atleast a touch of yellow.

Do you agree with me that yellow rocks too?


  1. Yeloow is a beauitiful color and it works great on any skin tone.. nice

  2. lovely post, yellow is a bright and sexy colour. hope you have a lovely weekend. new post on blog

  3. So vibrant and radiant. Love the Looks! :-)

  4. I love rocking my yellow with purple. Great post!


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