R.I.P Brimo! let's share some thoughts here...

So guys it's 12:58 a.m and I had been on my bed checking out so many blogs. I smile within me when I stumble across beautiful blogs. God is really great o! I observe everyone one has a unique way of writing, so many bloggers are really good and talented. I really had a nice time tonight reading through all that. 
Now guys I just wouldn't sleep tonight without sharing something with you. OK am sorry a lot of people don't like getting emotional but I just have to express myself darlings. 
So I lost my precious dog Brimo to the cold hands of death. I never really had a picture of him so I had to browse through the net to get a dog of his breed ( belonged to the tiger family) If he was human I would have used the word R.I.P. oh! I just used those letters. Lol. Anyways pardon me, I know animals don't have ghost in the first place talk less of them resting in peace but all the same I just used that word. *covers mouth* Lol
So guys don't mind that little joke I tried to crack up there. I just did that because I actually feel better now unlike this afternoon. You won't believe I actually shed tears for his lost. He was a very good dog, patient and obedient dog. He was  equally very active and scared away strangers . I could put my hands in his mouth and be so assured that he would never bite me. I remember how he jumps at us whenever we are back from an outing wiggling his tails but it's a pity it had to go...
The dog had been sick for months and all efforts to make him alright was futile. We had called 2 veterinary doctors on different ocassion but yet no changes. I think it was just it's time, such a pity. Gonna miss my dog Brimo.
So guys don't mind me hun. Yea..he may be an ordinary dog but you can understand how it hurts living with any thing that have life, emotions, feelings and blood but all of a sudden it is no more.. I shed tears when I imagined how it had given up it's ghost and it was really painful "why in this world people ever die" so sad.
Now guy let's forget that and once again I am sorry I didn't wish to talk about death hun. So let's have some fun now.
What is the most emotional movie(s) you have ever watched. Let's gist a little about it and again I would love to hear your views about romance e.g romance movies, books, stories etc. do you like them or not.  Now I asking this because I notice a couple of people said they get bored hearing about romance. Now if you don't like romance you can just share a little about that emotional movie, books and more that made you almost cry.
So I will start by commenting on the comment box and I hope you guy do the same. It's gonna be fun...


  1. Oh! I feel so lazy right now to write anything. Would be talking about it later in the day.

  2. I don't like pets but am so sorry about your loss

  3. As I read through your story I could picture the beautiful creature jumping around you when it was still alive and how it would now feel coming back to the house and it's not there. Accept my sincere condolences. For your question, Baghban, Best Man Holiday and In The Pursuit of Happiness really got me when I saw them. I don't particularly fancy romance in books because they are often always predictable but throw me a thriller and I would catch it with my two hands. Ciao!

  4. temidayo adegbiteJuly 17, 2014 at 4:01 AM

    Oh thanks so much for your comment hun. Really nice having you around and yea maybe our pets would be best of pals in heaven *winks*

  5. temidayo adegbiteJuly 17, 2014 at 4:03 AM

    Heheeh. Nice one deariest so cute and thanks for your kind words.

  6. temidayo adegbiteJuly 17, 2014 at 7:47 AM

    So sorry bout that too. Yea pets have a way of getting into one. It's not easy lossing something you love.

  7. So guys thanks so much for your comments. In my own case on of the most interesting movie that made me feel so emotional was a Ghanian Movie tittled "Passion and Soul" and I am so in love with the movie title "Just like Heaven".

    In passion and soul a guy who had always dreamt an fantasied of his dream girl finally met her at a resutuarant he pictured her and drew an image of her (was a very good artist). He sent someone to gvv her that image as a gift and when she saw it she shed tears (Jackie Appiah). Now every time she was driving along the way it was her pictures on the bill board so she wanted to find out who that artist was....to cut the long story they started up a relationship but she had told him she had an heart problems and had just few days to live. He was ready to do all it takes to have her forver but....many many things sha. *just watch out that movie, I can't shout!!*

    Just like heaven was another fabulous movie I watched. Meh I almost shed tears cos of it.


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