Match Making, Social Media about it?

Match making from my layman's definition is the process of introducing two people for the purpose of marriage, a love affair or any type of relationship. It's when two people get introduced by a third party so they could start a love affair. What about the social media love affair? Just like facebook, badoo, instagram, and even blogs. Yea blog is one way people get to meet these days. It's fast growing, one gets to meet fellow bloggers, a lot of people also love reading blogs and there are a couple of blogs with so many readers and comment coming in so in a way people get to know themselves.

I once read about a couple who got married. They had met at the comment section of a popular blog, got into a friendly debate on the blog topic and found themselves interesting. They later planned on meeting, found themselves compatible and in love. So they tied the nuptial knots. I personally love that cute story! I feel that was alright and a beautiful way of meeting afterall people get to meet anyhow and anywhere if they are met to be together. Ok that's quite different from match making. There is something I observe about match making. There is this feeling that the indiviual (especially Ladies) may look cheap, incomplete, and desperate. Imagine going on the internet, match make blogs, magazine pages stating your age, gender, occupation, name and all. It gives the impression of 'is she having a problem? Personally I feel and appreciate it more when a guy sees me by chance, likes or loves me, talks to me and if I feel the same way, things would work out but doing all that sounds kind of like a joke but I am beginning to have a rethink about match making.

The social media love, I hated it so badly but the truth is at times things work out, the partners get to truly love and be happy with themselves. I remember I once dated someone I met via social media and you just wouldn't believe how we both were fond of each other, we were so compatible and when I told my friends about how we met they just couldn't believe. So what I would say in this regard is that meeting on social media may turn out positive or may not.

Now guys..back to the match making issue. I remember how I had a friend who's roommate (name Bunmi) suffered depression and had a high lever of inferiority complex. She never had a real guy speak to her (you know what I mean now) so she was bittered and had to be match made by my friend. She got hooked up with one of the biggest guy then on campus. They got talking on the phone and she was always blushing because she had an eye on him ever since.

One fateful evening they had to meet up somewhere around on campus. I watched how she gave her face a good treat with all the "makeup of life".hehehe she wore her very best cloth and we could see all her recklessness and anxiety to catch up with the popular gbogbo big boy on campus. She left so excited and I and my friend felt happy for her.

Few minutes later she came bursted. Her eyes were moist and her voice was shaking but she couldn't hesitate to give us details. She talked about how the guy had hung the phone when he realised she was the one approaching, how she had overheard him telling his friend "this Na cheat now, how that babe go match me with this kind ad normal girl now". She talked about how he had given her straight face when she went ahead to approach him not minding what she had heard. It was hell for her, she felt like digging the floor and be buried there and I understood how she felt. I told her to keep calm and believe someone would love her just the way she was.

This topic makes m remember some childhood experience I had. Back then like the movie hurricane babes I can so dial numbers. Hehhe how many of you did that. And one funny thing it's always gonna be men I call incidentally. So one day I got hooked with this medical student. We said a lot and finally agreed on meeting. I stupidly agreed to pay him a visit. Choi! Wen I saw him I almost ran mad. He was so not my type after all the mouth that he was fresh and all. To cut the long story I just couldn't get along.

In a nutshell my questions are these:
  • Have you ever met a guy or girl via social media or through match making and did it work perfectly?
  • What kind of impression do you especially the guy sees of a lady match made (not by a friend this time) maybe through those newspaper data.


  1. Hmmm ok so you know how people log out when they are done facebooking that's how I feel the relationships on social media is... You sign in and log out.... I don't believe in it...and as for match making??? Naaaa...

    1. True to that, most times but seems at times we just can't generalise because situations differ. All the same a grab your points, 80% of such relationship is fake.

  2. Once upon time, Amaka was neck deep into social media, I wouldn't call those relationships but there was this thrill of meeting a random person that I always experienced.
    Yes, I've dated a guy I met on a social medium but then people meet anywhere yeah?
    The thing is that most times one or both parties are insincere as they tell half truth.
    Whatever rocks your boat is fine by me, after all isn't life itself a risk?

  3. Lol I like being the match maker.

  4. First of all Temmie before I even say Anything, what did you mean by ""She never had a real guy speak to her"" as stated in Paragraph 4 Line 2... (EMPHASIS on the Real guy) Are there fake Guys?? **Wears straight face

    Okay that off my chest, Good morning. Temmie sometimes yeah, I only wonder how beautiful your mind is. I mean it is so immersed in love and thats a very Beautiful thng oh, so big ups to you ;). Now I don't really know what to say about match making.. Me i chase girls everywhere, Roads, BRT's, Instagram etc. Its just a natural for me, but if i ever had to do the match making thingy, I would do it in search of Friendship first, and not an immediate love nwantintin scenario...

    Okay moving on, I think the guy that did that stuff to the geh in your story above is just a Bastard, Karma is a Bitch yeah, so his swag will not last that long. To me Bubba, life is simple, if i were to be matched with a Babe that isn't that attractive, nor who makes my hairs stand, i would respectfully friend zone her by telling her my secrets. Making her feel bad is just childish...

    Nowe lets joke... Temmie i think we should do a bit of match making ourselves oh, you know I am in lagos, and i would like to see you oh.. heheheh #Winks... What say You me lof, will you be my Juliet for a day?? **winks. **Smiles

    1. Ok papi Duru!! Gonna answer every bit of your questions according...(blushing seriously here)

      To the first question: Maybe that was actually not the right word for it. A guy is a guy either good or bad, fine or ugly, rich or poor. He is still a guy but as regard the babe I am talking about here, thats how she made everyone feel. That no real guy (the kind of guy that will sweep her off feet) comes. Shez got a very high taste, just too selective but funny thing she refuses to braze up to that level so such guys can come. She complains that guy is a this, he is a that, so those were her words "No real guy comes to me".

      Moving to your next paragraph.....
      Papi!!! You are a very nawti bad guy oo hehehe. So you do the love nwantiti every where hun. Gonna report at the garden of love that you are a player...*running to report*
      OK I just read it again, you mean for friendship. Don't me.

      I agree with you that the guy (so called big boy on campus) wasn't matured about it. There are better ways to treat such situations rather than embarrassing the girl.

      Hahahaha @ your last question. Hmmm I would love every one of us to meet one day self. Amaka, you, I, Tibs (wish she lived in Nigeria), and many more of our blogger friends e.g jennifer, buiti, Moby, Sophia, Godwin,etc

  5. Lovely and funny post.

  6. Replies
    1. Hey yuuuuu Godwin. Been a while ooo. How far now?


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