Hottest Gist In Nigeria....A Must Read!!!

Before I give you guys the hottest gist in Nigeria let me greet my people. Hehhehhe
Beautiful exclusive people how are you guys? Missed you so much. I am so excited tonight because I can't believe that I can post anything finally!! It's been so bad here, I mean the network had been horrible for me. Now let's go straight to business. This will be a random post. Yea....random because I will be ranting, dancing, gisting, gossiping, and doing some puzzle all in one.
First, I am giving a shout out to and . I really need to make them understand how much I'm excited and grateful. Guys..guess what!! I won a giveaway in both blogs just within a month (June). It's actually my first win.
I always had this feeling that I can hardly be a winner in a raffle draw, giveaway or any contest and that's one of the reason I hate anything like contest but this wasn't the usual contest like I did back in school (trying to do a photo shoot for some companies to be used on billboards and Etisalat raffle draw to win big prizes) This was not only a giveaway but was fun trying it out. All the same to my utmost surprise I got it and it's my first.

It's a lovely experience to be one of the lucky winners. I alway appreciate gifts. It's fun when you love and cherish what someone gives you, makes life more beautiful and giving back is another thing that matters, hence, like I said in my last post, I will be having a package here for one lucky winner too. That would be on our 1 year blog anniversary.

So guys I got this Teeth whitening kit which I would equally be reviewing when I'm done using it. Yea I have got a white teeth but just like Oliver asked for more there is nothing bad in seeking for a whiter teeth that brings a more sexy smile *big smiles*. Thanks Fola and thanks to our beautiful SmileBrilliant for the kit.
Apart from the teeth whitening kit I won  a cash prize at beautysworld and I am really grateful. kisses and hugs to beautysworld, you guys really need to check out that blog. She is a fabulous woman with great beautiful kids and fashion sense.

Now guys...back to the hottest Nigeria gist. *Heheheh*  don't mind me, I no get any hot gist jare. Check hot gist from all those gossip blog.

Awwww seems my  blog readers are sad *crying face* Oya see this one!! (in Moby's voice)

*Straight face now* I saw this a long time ago but just didn't care. For goodness sake people are cruel oh!! #heehehe* It's been all over BBM now as dp's. The babe's picture has gone places. I wonder how she is gonna be feeling.

Guys.. I read that she was born bald. I mean she never had eyebrows and was always mocked for her ugliness and called bald face even by her mum. She grew up to learn the art of makeup artistry so she did those eyebrows and looked better. Would you blame her for striving to look good *sad face* but all the same one thing I learnt in life is to learn not to condemn people, they can't make themselves. Read about meet the world's ugliest woman.

Now let's drive the car off that area, check out this picture
OMG!! A kid with full grown breast. I'm sure she is not more than 2 years of age. Many things happening around that we need to know o.

Now this is my rant!!!
*crying* my own dear gbogbo bigz girl sitting this way!!! Na wa. OK guys am not judging but really these are one of the reasons people (we all) need to be more careful especially in public places. I remember how a Convenant University babe's nude pictures and video went viral because of mere carelessness. She was dancing in her room knowing it was being recorded but unfortunately she and her friends forgot to delete it and that was how it went viral. Now guys like I said I don't have any hot Nigeria gist but just needed to say something apart from my excitment. Let me leave you alone to rest but before you go check out this:
Do you know:
Ur shoe size can tell ur age
Get a calculator n try dis
-Take ur shoe size
-multiply by 5
-add 50
-multiply by 20
-add 1014
-minus d year u were born
-u will get four digits
-d first two is ur shoe size n d last two is ur age.
True or False

Thanks so much for reading, I need more of your visit and also your comments. *kisses*

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  1. Yay mami... So happy for you dear...

  2. Am happy for you babes. Now to eniola, am just sick of yorubawood people. It's just a handful of them that actually pull off the red carpet look.

    1. Thanks dear. @ the yoruba nollywood, 2 many fuck ups...

  3. Congrats bae. I heard same story about the lady without eyebrows let's just believe its ignorance not mockery.

  4. Aah! You had me on that, I mean ur title. So no jist? Lol ok oo.. Congraz dear

    1. Haahhaha nawti pretty too like gossip, I purposely choose this tittle. Noticed a lot of people prefer to hear the latest gist happening around.

  5. I loved your rant, gist, talk and better still, you mentioned me…:-) thanks a lot. It was great hosting the Giveaway too.

  6. About the shoe thingy, So true oh . I am still trying to figure how come.
    This is winchcraft. lol


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