Her Dilemma.. What should she do?

Hello exclusive people. I got a mail this morning from a secret blog reader. So I decided to post her story and I am sure she isn't sad about it *winks. She first sent a mail which I replied. Here it is:

" hi Temidayo, I usually read your blog but find It difficult to comment on it. Can you set it so that I can also be commenting. Your blog is nice"

So guys after that she shared her story with me. Permit me to ride on...like I am the one it happened to...

I am 18 years and a student. I have been lonely and have few friends, my best friend is my elder sister who is 28. She is the first while I am the last. I love and respect her so much because she is caring and tells me a lot about herself. She isn't married yet nor does she have a boyfriend. The problem I am having now is guilt! I am in love with her ex course mate and it seems like they were also good friends. How I met him was one day when she gave me her old Mtn line to start using so I didn't know I dialed his number instead of another Emeka who I know. He tried to play along knowing that was my sisters number but at the end of the conversation he spoke out that he didn't know me. We got talking better later and everyday we are getting closer. He calls me often, comes to my school to visit, loves me and I am very used to him now.
Now I am home for break and when I see my sister I feel guilty, I don't know if I have done anything wrong because I don't know how she feels towards him. When I asked him he said they never dated but the thing is I don't know if he ever asked her out.

What should I do? Should I tell her and how do you think she will react, my sister is very strict and remember I am just 18. Am I the bad one?

I don't really know the right thing to say because people react in different ways. I remember I once read  a topic on a blog with a question: can you date your sister's ex boyfriend or how would you react if you are that sister?

So guys..I dropped my own comment that day that I can NEVER. That love just have to die but IF I was in the position of that sister (because of my gentle and easy personality, I hate grudges) I would let it be if I know they are in love and they both realise and talk to me about their plight. That day you guys need to see comments o, they wan attack me no be small.
So back to the topic. What would you advise her to do? In my opinion it's better she tells her sis about it but I really do hope they never dated cos that would hurt her sis.


  1. If I read you well, you said ex course mate not ex boyfriend. That being said I think you should talk to your sister heck you said she's your best friend and best friends don't hide things from each other yeah? Being the loud mouth that I am, immediately I meet a guy my bestie must know.
    Back to the topic, I think the guy kinda took advantage of you but hey, it takes two to tango ; you gave him the green light and he zoomed right in. You should have ended the conversation the moment you knew he was the wrong Emeka or you should have told your sister About him.
    I think you should open up to her and tell her everything from A-Z. She might judge you the way you don't like but hey, it's normal.
    I hate to sound like a prophet of doom but honey, give this dude some space now, will ya?

  2. Just tell your sister everything

  3. nice post, she should just open up to her sister. http://jenniquecreatives.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. If they didn't date, then i see nothing wrong with you dating the guy. Just tell your sister about it sweetie. Be prepared for everything from her though! Lol! All the best :)


  5. Grrrr....I dunno bout this...maybe you should not just do anything bout those feelings of yours...lock them up in a dungeon if you can....**whispering** nominated you for the liebster award....had to throw it back your way...you are awesome..

  6. You quite young for a this but I would say remain platonic with the guy for now until you sure about things

    1. My point exactly! Shouldn't she be bothered about her studies? But hey she's a young adult...she should speak to her sister about it.

  7. http://sophialastyles.blogspot.co.uk/July 13, 2014 at 2:13 PM

    This is a serious case, why not tell her sister.

  8. ANONYMOUS READER "Inform your SISTER, she might even advice you" or at worst she would shout .


  9. The fact of the matter is that your sister began suspecting something fishy the very minute you asked her if she ever dated the dude. Don't let her ask you about it before you tell her since she is your bestie. If you would take my advice, focus on your studies and fan out the love thing. I wish you the best.

  10. Heheh! I get how you feel, maybe because I'm 18 and a student and not dating and have liked a frnd's frnd b4 (yea! A frnd.. I ve no sista so my frnds are d closest sista figure)... ok, back to the subject...

    1st of all... hez your sister's ex course mate not ex boyfriend which means to an extent you are safe. About asking her out, you should ask her if he ever did ask her out (ask your sister because the guy may lie).

    2ndly) ..and this is just a thought, if your sister is 28, it means the guy is around that age too right? I'm bothered about this cause you are just 18.. I hope he isnt taking advantage of you.

    3rdly) I advice you gist your sister about it, afterall shez your bestfriend and meanwhile, give this guy soke space, so you can put things in perspective.


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