Her Dilemma: after the disclosure and a question for readers....

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Whoop!  I am so happy because I have a break out of work so I am a bit free now to think, post and check out others and I can even sit back to edit my work properly before posting. 

I told you guys about her Dilemma. If you didn't read that, click on it to read now. So she sent me a mail again giving me gist of what happened after disclosing to her sister. 

‘'I finally told my sister when I saw those comments, when I did I noticed a sneer look on her face but she later smiled and asked me to go ahead with him if I really want him. I just hope it’s sincerely from her heart.’’

So maybe her sister doesn't have any thing in mind but psychologically the lady in question feels guilty of her action.


Dear (when you read this) just like everyone has said, it's better you face your studies now because men are not running although 18 years is no beans, you are matured too but believe me you will meet more people in life. Time isn't running so don’t be in a rush but all the same it's alright since that's where your heart wanna be.Just my humble opinion.

Questions for my readers…

Is it a big deal if your boyfriend once asked your sister or friend out or does it matter if a guy you wanna date once asked your sister or friend out. How would you feel about that or does it matter at all?

I am asking this question because I have heard some girls bragging over that like ''if i wanted him i would have dated him so go and sit jare'' Do people really need all that. you didn't want him but your friend did so whats the big deal now...


  1. Ok....I got a past and so does everyone...I mean...somethings in my past I am not proud of...now....whatever happens in anyone's past is all gone...dead and forgotten to me.....if I had a boyfriend who once dated my sister or friend....hell! I don't mind dating that guy...I mean he "dated" her....that means it is in the past.....buh there is something called 'RESPECT'....however way you look at it...even though it is all in the past...if you have respect for your sister or friend....that is a line you should not cross.....no matter even if the person gives a go-ahead........I think you should RESPECT that relationship they once had............

  2. Truthfully, I mind o. Don't let any babe come here and lie that she doesn't care. It just shows the guy is just attracted to anything that wears skirt. For the guy to even ask you out after asking your sister out means he's disrespectful and irresponsible. I won't date a guy that thinks he can just toy with me and my sister's emotion. Fine she didn't date him but jealousy can come into the picture and then would spoil your friendship with your sister. I say I won't date a guy that has asked my sister out. SHIKENA *flips hair*

  3. Pls I haven't commented here b4 but I am learning...what if the guy in question isn't aware you both are sisters and you already start a relationship before knowing will you quit?

    1. Welcome on board!! Nice to have u here kemi

  4. I believe that every relationship should be divine, at least a little bit. Jumping from one girl that had said No to another who would say Yes shows that the guy probably has a need he thinks having a girlfriend would satisfy and that's not sound.
    'Waiting and Dating' by Myles Munroe is a must-read for everyone who desires to be in a relationship.
    @Kemi. My opinion is that they should not part ways because of that.

  5. Why does he have to keep skirting around my family and friends? Is the guy so insecure that he can't cast his hook in deep seas to fish?

  6. I definitely would feel concerned...

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  7. well good for her, and for ur question..still thinkng of an answer


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  9. I'm glad her sister didn't mind. I don't think its a big deal if a guy has asked someone in your circle out before. Its past and gone. Charley love goes where love is! Lol! Sometimes your luck might be with that person - u never know until u try Temi. :)


  10. I dont think i can date a sister's or friend's ex or sm1 dat asked them out cause the feelings may still be there somewhere and I cant handle grudges or tension at all.

    Few months back, a guy who dated sm1 I know (i cant cal her a frnd but we say hi to eachother, you dig?) Asked me out and tho I kinda liked him, I didnt give it thought bcos I cant handle any kinda tension.


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