Dealing with insecurity?? "How to cheat on that woman"

Pete scanned through the files and papers that littered on his desk. It was a heap of stuffs to work on but for the past 4hours since he resumed at the office he just couldn't do anything. He was burning in silence and his mind kept flashing through what lead to him beating up his wife, Lola. He loved her but what would he do, she was too domineering, jealous and insecure. She had not even a little trust for him, she made life a living hell. Everyday he dressed up in the morning it was ranting and nagging. She would call him several names and sometimes get hold of him when he refuses to utter a word. Who won't get upset at this? His own matrimonial home was a fire zone for him.

Lola tried different methods to punish him. Sometimes by not cooking his meal when he is back from work, starving him on bed and it was obvious what her problem was right?'s insecurity. It's one attribute that spills a relationship.

I once shared my own experience here on this blog in my post A branch I met in life. You guys need to read it if you haven't. Yea...that was one big reason the beautiful relationship ended. He felt insecured, yea! Now back to the matter but before then let's check out what I saw online about insecurity in a relationship. It's a state of being open to danger or threat in a relationship and this could be due to inferiority complex, jealousy, failed past relationships, anxiety and many more.
So let's ride on now.. Pete lived almost everyday in torment by the woman he loved and ever wished to shower affections on but she didn't give him the chance to, not with all those rants and stunts she was proving. So today as he kept regretting why he had raised his hand on her when she had ceased his car keys asking that he goes to the office on the condition that he drives home during break to check on her and come back home exactly 5 minutes after closing hours. For crying out loud the distance between his office and the house would take up to an hour drive. He had pounced on her for the first time ever. He dealt with her without mercy this time. She was almost making him become a nonentity now..

Now as he had sat pondering on what had happened and what method he needed to show her how much he loved her but wished that she trusted him. How much he never wished to raise his hands on her and how much he was sorry he did what he did. He got off his desk not realising Anny had been starring from her desk thinking what could have got his mind busy.

She lifted a bundle of papers from her chest drawer and got hold of that book. "How To Cheat On That Woman". She twisted those curving waist of hers as she walked up to him. She was putting on a purple peplum mini skirt and a revealing shirt that showcased her naturally endowed flesh up there. As she walked up to his desk and placed the book on it, turning to him she said check out that to make you feel better.

Pete took a quick glance at the title and with anticipation he needed to check out the content as he grabed it and sat to read. "....Is she hurting you, insecure, desperate, always nagging, a cheating wife, disrespectful... Now is time to learn this pay back therapy titled how to cheat on her. You need to get it done no need for alcohol, that's no better therapy than the cheat her back. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth...." Chai! He couldn't believe this, how could any author write about cheating, is the author promoting infidelity or what? Ok ..he cleared his throat with eyes fixed making sure he didn't miss out on the gist. 

So guys here the therapy goes. The content on the book. (Hmmm an invisible book written by me,hehehe)

Now you may be thinking about what the cheating mean in the context of this post. Infidelity is never a good option to pay back on the one you love or hurts you, hence, cheating on her in this context means... Making her not win in this game, finding a better way to approach the situation and all. OK guys, am not perfect in this because if I was I wouldn't have had all that breakups but nevertheless let's check out this new discoveries on how to cheat back! Yea, I mean cheat back by not letting that insecurity in that woman, guy, girl, or man win you of your love. So here it goes...This is not about you sparking up that love again but this time by following this:

  • Be opened to her with your properties and gadgets
  • Tell her how much you love her and is faithful
  • Spend more time with her by going out more often on dates
  • But don't forget to tell her about how to deal with insecurity by learning how to stop confusing imaginations with reality, stop comparing current relationship with the past, and to understand that every relationship needs a time to breathe too so you deserve some level of freedom.

All these are in the context of good communication which is the bedrock of every relationship.....


  1. Woah!!! This is so nice mami... I mean there is always a way to deal with anyone's insecurity....this is really cool..

  2. Well said dearie.....Have ones been there, telling you from experience you really need special wisdom to the with insured people.

  3. Insecurity can stem from childhood too, some parents always condemn their children, such kids would grow up with a lack of trust for everyone they come in contact with.
    Nice post, let me add too that the insecure partner should also admit he or she has a problem because if you don't admit it, you can't get help. .

  4. I love your blog <3

  5. Insecurity is the major joy killer in a relationship. Nice one Temi

    My near death experience..the killer cockroach

  6. Nicely done!
    Insecurity is a killer but communication can bridge gaps


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