A voice in my thoughts on immortality and perfection of man's limitations.

Who doesn't know what it means to be immortal? Yea...to be able to live forever like those vampires and angels. Imagine a world were man has no limitations and things can be done just the way he likes. Oh well maybe it would be such a beautiful place to live right?
So I just sat starring at the flowing waters as the car drove passed third mainland bridge and my mind wondered about immortality. "Lost in my thoughts.." I must confess. As my little wondering mind paddled in the land of my thoughts. I wondered about a man who can fly, a man with the ability to fill that hour glass, a world were man can move to the future or into the past, a man with an eye that can see through the heart and understand feelings, hence can avoid back stabbers. I would be giving you analysis of these thoughts. Thanks to Duru who inspired me to write it through his answers on the question I asked as regard the Liebster award. Now it was an interesting article that got me really wondering hence I want us all to wonder together before I drop my conclusion.
Thought 1:

 If man can fly...it would have been a wondrous adventure, it would have been a very fast mean of transportation. People would have being able to break the breach between distant lovers. It would have been fun seeing the birds and blue sky so closely, crossing many seas and oceans, visiting villages, countries and flying even to the highest mountains of the world. I am sure we would have been having marathon race and other sports on the sky. Hehehehhe
Thought 2: 
If man can see the heart....it isn't just about seeing the heart but also knowing the feelings of the heart, be it good or bad. We would have been able to know the back stabbers, heart breakers and avoid them rather than be deluded and left wallowing in agony. I am sure many eyes wouldn't have brought forth tears and many heart wouldn't growl in pains.
Thought 3: A eye that sees the future and can go back to the past....we wouldn't have made a whole lots of mistakes, no wrong steps since they can be retaken or even averted. one sexy thing is we would be able to look between the centuries (the future and the past) to find our Prince or princess charming who will always make us smile.
Thought 3: Imagine a world we never can die...the young living forever. Would be so beautiful right? But this is what leads to my conclusion. After so much wondering about immortality I hear a small voice saying all that God did is truly perfect. I may think this imaginations were the perfect one for man but No. It wouldn't be as perfect as I imaged right now.
Now let me share this little story...back in 400 level during my final exams a friend who loves gisting told me about a movie she had watched. I was anxious to see that movie but for my exams so I had to lock up. I can't remember the exact name but I still recollect the story line. If you have seen that movie please tell me the real name o. I think she actually said it's "just in time". This just in time is not the accounting technique used to create goods available on demand, heheh but a different one.
In the movie every one had an hour glass of time. You remember "Prince of Persian...the sands of time? That's another movie I love so much. The truth is my best kind of movies or books are romance, ferry tales, horror or adventures..I love stories about the past and future, one going into the past, going into the future and all. I love them!!! So sad they aren't real but I find them very interesting. I had a novel which I cherished so much. Tittle: Behind The Island Midst" but I lended to a friend who never gave me back *sad face. It was about a lady taken from the 20th century back to the past (14th century) because she was a hard to get kill, so bold and no guy ever stirs up her heart. So she was taken to defeat to the 14th century warrior (baddest guy) called 'The hawk" because there was hardly any girl who could stand his confidence and sexiness. So was such an interesting movie. Maybe one day I will give you guys the details if you haven't read it. And don't think they just fell in love just like that ooo *winks* a lot transpired.
So back to the movie darlings, "Just in time" I am gonna explain it the way I can so if you have watched that movie you can talk about it or better explain it...
In the movie everyone had an hour glass (glass of time) which must be refilled. If it goes down it met that person would die. The glass needed to be refilled to keep one living and as long as it never goes down that individual can live forever.  So everyone had to work and get paid (time not money). That same time can be used for personal purchases. Now the conflict in that movie was the fact that men began to run in haste trying to never let their time finish hence forcefully collecting that time which belonged to another.
Another sad thing is the little babies that just came into heart ad could not hustle to get time except their  whoe's time itself may have been snatched needed up not surviving too. So the old lived like almost forever never giving in the young ones a right to live. Those blind, creep led and other kinds of disabled people had to die since they couldn't work to get time that may fill that hour glass. It was still a world o cheat an wickedness not different from ours, so unfair hence the master had to stop that hour glass!!!!
A lesson I learnt from the storyline of that movie is that there is perfection now. The limitations of man since he is a mortal being is perfectly the best so all of that my imaginations may not have been as perfect as I imagine. 
Thanks for your time rubies. Kindly drop your opinions and let's keep learning from ourselves. Xoxo.


  1. Hmmm...mami.....I am not sure bout my stand on immortality......Mehn....I think it is fine to die when it is time to die....this world is so full of crap mehn.....then again...my opinion...

  2. Temmie, thank you so much for this, I love the way coming to your Blog always makes me feel really special... hmmmnnn 3rd Mainland bridge ke? On a Saturday??? Lemme guess, you went to groove ba??? **winks. Thank you for the mention Baby mi, you are making exclusive Duru smile an Exclusive smile ATM...

    Personally, I think if we were immortal, life would be very wrong, as there would be no balance, and greed would be just everywhere. Like you saud GOD created life in the best possible way, so I doubt if immortality would be good. Plus there would be ovvvvvveeeeerrrrr population nah. :). I saw a similar movie to the one you described above, its called IN TIME. the lead role was Justin timberland

    Nice post Bubba, truly it would have been great to see through the heart and intentions of man though, that way yeah, you know who is real, and who is fake. :). Cheers Bubba. '**winks...

    1. Heheeeee you are exclusively special now.. Anytime and any day hun. Name grooving tins OK lmao

      Hmmm I think that was the movie "In Time" that's awesome so I have finally found the real name.
      Thanks once again papi

    2. Smiles.... How are you Bubba? Missed you oh. #looking for your Iyanya boyfriends trouble :)

  3. Immortality... if we were going to live forever young, I would like it but then God did make everything as they should be... all is perfect.


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