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Hats and Blazers

Hats and Blazers by temidayo288 featuring knit shorts
Grey jacket
$59 -

Knit shorts

Carvela Kurt Geiger pumps
$170 -

L K Bennett patent purse
$230 -

Rounded sunglasses

Wide brim hat

Her Dilemma: after the disclosure and a question for readers....

Good morning darlings,Whoop!  I am so happy because I have a break out of work so I am a bit free now to think, post and check out others and I can even sit back to edit my work properly before posting. 
I told you guys about her Dilemma. If you didn't read that, click on it to read now. So she sent me a mail again giving me gist of what happened after disclosing to her sister. 
‘'I finally told my sister when I saw those comments, when I did I noticed a sneer look on her face but she later smiled and asked me to go ahead with him if I really want him. I just hope it’s sincerely from her heart.’’
So maybe her sister doesn't have any thing in mind but psychologically the lady in question feels guilty of her action.
******* Dear (when you read this) just like everyone has said, it's better you face your studies now because men are not running although 18 years is no beans, you are matured too but believe me you will meet more people in life. Time isn't running so don’t b…

Vicious Prophesy

STORIES OF VICIOUS PROPHECIES She couldn't hold those tears that emitted from her eyes. She let out the words as she burnt in pain and like a woman who had been pressed for years and it's time to empty her bowels, she said just these words before she told her horrible tale: "vicious prophecies’’. She told the tale which I will be sharing with you guys…. Tolu grew up not knowing who are mum was or what she ever looked like. Her mum had left her dad while she was just 3 years old to marry another man who was based at Owerri and her mum had taken their first child Tomi to live with the man also. It’s been over 11 years since she had been forced to live without a mother. Things were not easy for them, dad worked really hard to make ends meet and train her to the university where she was studying nursing. She was so fond of her dad and he too. Although there was no much money they both were fond of themselves on till one day something weird happened.It was a new day as the cro…


So I was tagged by three amazing bloggers: Amaka, Tibs and Moby and I’m super excited. You just have to check their blogs out, click on their names to read their blogs.
So guys...I always see this on blogs but now 3 people at about the same time tagged me. You guys are just the best!! *muahhhh
The essence of this is for my readers to know me more. So I will be telling you guys the good, bad, ugly, weird and funny facts about me and here it goes...

I am a shy lady….like seriously *covers face. Especially when I am somewhere for the first time or meeting someone for the first time.I usually talk fast and when I am angry or nervous I kindof stammer. Lol

Latest in Exclusive Tins Blog...

I have a couple of people who complain that they can hardly comment on this blog. For that reason I decided to try out this new comment system you are seeing on this blog, Diqus. You can log into it using either your Facebook account, Google or even Twitter and you can equally open a diqus account hence for now I think you can comment easily not withstanding the browser you are using. One major reason I love it is because one can easily edit a comment on it unlike the normal blogger comment system where you can't so you are left with either deleting that comment or leaving that embarrassing mistake you had posted, you just can't edit it!So guys some of the disadvantages of this new comment system is that it takes time to load hence some people may think I have disabled  commenting on this blog. I would love to hear your view as regard if this is better or the former is.
Thanks loviesAs regard the yesterday's post. I was just so tired to talk about my most emotional movie b…

A voice in my thoughts on immortality and perfection of man's limitations.

Who doesn't know what it means to be immortal? be able to live forever like those vampires and angels. Imagine a world were man has no limitations and things can be done just the way he likes. Oh well maybe it would be such a beautiful place to live right? So I just sat starring at the flowing waters as the car drove passed third mainland bridge and my mind wondered about immortality. "Lost in my thoughts.." I must confess. As my little wondering mind paddled in the land of my thoughts. I wondered about a man who can fly, a man with the ability to fill that hour glass, a world were man can move to the future or into the past, a man with an eye that can see through the heart and understand feelings, hence can avoid back stabbers. I would be giving you analysis of these thoughts. Thanks to Duru who inspired me to write it through his answers on the question I asked as regard the Liebster award. Now it was an interesting article that got me really wondering hence …

Style Inspiration: Rock some yellow.

Who said yellow isn't beautiful? I remember how I had gone out with some colleagues to get a corporate wear for our party. We got a beautiful pink chiffon sheer blouse to match with a corporate pencil skirt. The blouse available  was just 6 whereas we were 8.

We needed that blouse but it just wouldn't be enough since we were more than 6. Now the store lady advised that we take the yellow colour but everyone declined. "I hate yellow", so eventually we ended up not buying that blouse.

R.I.P Brimo! let's share some thoughts here...

So guys it's 12:58 a.m and I had been on my bed checking out so many blogs. I smile within me when I stumble across beautiful blogs. God is really great o! I observe everyone one has a unique way of writing, so many bloggers are really good and talented. I really had a nice time tonight reading through all that.  Now guys I just wouldn't sleep tonight without sharing something with you. OK am sorry a lot of people don't like getting emotional but I just have to express myself darlings.  So I lost my precious dog Brimo to the cold hands of death. I never really had a picture of him so I had to browse through the net to get a dog of his breed ( belonged to the tiger family) If he was human I would have used the word R.I.P. oh! I just used those letters. Lol. Anyways pardon me, I know animals don't have ghost in the first place talk less of them resting in peace but all the same I just used that word. *covers mouth* Lol

Her Dilemma.. What should she do?

Hello exclusive people. I got a mail this morning from a secret blog reader. So I decided to post her story and I am sure she isn't sad about it *winks. She first sent a mail which I replied. Here it is:

" hi Temidayo, I usually read your blog but find It difficult to comment on it. Can you set it so that I can also be commenting. Your blog is nice"
So guys after that she shared her story with me. Permit me to ride I am the one it happened to...

I am 18 years and a student. I have been lonely and have few friends, my best friend is my elder sister who is 28. She is the first while I am the last. I love and respect her so much because she is caring and tells me a lot about herself. She isn't married yet nor does she have a boyfriend. The problem I am having now is guilt! I am in love with her ex course mate and it seems like they were also good friends. How I met him was one day when she gave me her old Mtn line to start using so I didn't know I dialed hi…

Dealing with insecurity?? "How to cheat on that woman"

Pete scanned through the files and papers that littered on his desk. It was a heap of stuffs to work on but for the past 4hours since he resumed at the office he just couldn't do anything. He was burning in silence and his mind kept flashing through what lead to him beating up his wife, Lola. He loved her but what would he do, she was too domineering, jealous and insecure. She had not even a little trust for him, she made life a living hell. Everyday he dressed up in the morning it was ranting and nagging. She would call him several names and sometimes get hold of him when he refuses to utter a word. Who won't get upset at this? His own matrimonial home was a fire zone for him.
Lola tried different methods to punish him. Sometimes by not cooking his meal when he is back from work, starving him on bed and it was obvious what her problem was right?'s insecurity. It's one attribute that spills a relationship.

Match Making, Social Media about it?

Match making from my layman's definition is the process of introducing two people for the purpose of marriage, a love affair or any type of relationship. It's when two people get introduced by a third party so they could start a love affair. What about the social media love affair? Just like facebook, badoo, instagram, and even blogs. Yea blog is one way people get to meet these days. It's fast growing, one gets to meet fellow bloggers, a lot of people also love reading blogs and there are a couple of blogs with so many readers and comment coming in so in a way people get to know themselves.
I once read about a couple who got married. They had met at the comment section of a popular blog, got into a friendly debate on the blog topic and found themselves interesting. They later planned on meeting, found themselves compatible and in love. So they tied the nuptial knots. I personally love that cute story! I feel that was alright and a beautiful way of meeting afterall people…

Hottest Gist In Nigeria....A Must Read!!!

Before I give you guys the hottest gist in Nigeria let me greet my people. Hehhehhe Beautiful exclusive people how are you guys? Missed you so much. I am so excited tonight because I can't believe that I can post anything finally!! It's been so bad here, I mean the network had been horrible for me. Now let's go straight to business. This will be a random post. Yea....random because I will be ranting, dancing, gisting, gossiping, and doing some puzzle all in one. First, I am giving a shout out to and . I really need to make them understand how much I'm excited and grateful. Guys..guess what!! I won a giveaway in both blogs just within a month (June). It's actually my first win. I always had this feeling that I can hardly be a winner in a raffle draw, giveaway or any contest and that's one of the reason I hate anything like contest but this wasn't the usual contest like I did back in school (trying to do a photo shoot for s…

Happy July...Exclusive Tins Blog is 9 Months old!!!!

Happy new month lovies..2014 has just finished the first half and I know that the remaining would be great.

I am so happy because this blog journey started October 2013 (last year) hence, Exclusivetins Blog is 9months old now *yaay!* I believe it's gonna conceive of more beautiful things from hence forth just like a mother who conceives of her baby. I can't wait for it to be a year and trust me I have got a secret package for you guys..let's see how it goes though. Would be lovely I believe.