Trend Alert: The Transparent Acessories

I stumbled on this and I am so loving it.
It's the transparent clutches also called clear clutch. It's a kind of show off trend where you get to showcase those expensive gadgets you've got, your beautiful make up items, designer shades and more. A really cool trend.
Check out some more beautiful pictures below: isn't just all about the clear clutches but there are other beautiful transparent items (accessories) invoke. They are often called 'Lucite'. Check some out.
The shoe, bag and bangles. I remember all these have been invoke years back. I remember back then when my aunt usually take Lucite bag like the one above to the saloon when she wanna make her hair but now it's back again.
Check out some more beautiful pictures of the transparent (Lucite) clutches below
There are also a couple of colourful transparent clutches am sure you would love. Check them out
They blended with beautiful and colourful fabrics which exaggerate the beauty of this transparent clutches like the ones above.
What do you think of this trend?

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  1. You are right that they were in vogue years ago and now they are back again. They are really pretty but with the kind of knick knacks I store in my purses, I think I'll pass on this one..:-). I cherish my privacy.

    1. I agree with you too much publicity nevertheless it's a nice trend

  2. loving this trend. i need on of these

  3. I have something like this buh mehn I could never use it....I don't need people seeing my stuffs and my gun...I need to still have the element of surprise for the crazies...#yaknow....hehe...:)

  4. Yea guys,you are right but I see an alternative way of rocking can actually go for the ones with an inner fabric hence your stuffs won't be exposed

  5. i love all the bags, the see through is gorgeous and you just have to put item that you know people will be interested to see. new post on my blog

  6. I like! Cute


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