So Sweet, A wedding Kiss!!!

  • Beautiful peeps, how are you guys? This is another post inspired by my brother, he sent me the content that I should post it here so let me give credits that anonymous composer who actually wrote this (wasn't me). Great job!
    I hope you didn't miss Wedding Night of Bliss it is a must read oo. Alright guys, lets ride on..
    ''love was what they shared, the feeling was that of joy and peace as they prayed for a lasting life together. They savored the priceless message engraved in the sermon and were also blessed by the excerpt in the scriptures. They danced gracefully to the beautiful tunes presented by the Band and recited the vows that seem to mean the world over to them. It was glaring they were in love and finally the stage was set for one last act; one final show of affection…the very last opportunity to show the whole world how much they mean to each other.
    The clergy was the anchor and as the word streamed through the lips, the silence couldn't have been matched by a graveyard. The moment everyone has been waiting for was finally here.
    Every eye, every breath, every heart was focused on the couple as they waited for the final instruction to play out the last scene - *"you may kiss the bride!"* lol. Well, the clergy concluded and so began the final act. The camera men were equally not left out of the scene as they swerved from left to right to catch a glimpse of this golden moment....
    He leaned forward, keeping his eyes fixed on hers as he slowly lifted the veil off her face. Her face glowed with smiles and passion *oops! She was blushing and she had that "so-here-we-are" look on her face* hmmm. He beamed a smile, his eyes focused downwards -transfixed on her lips, tilted his head leftwards while partly opening his lips; he clutched her palms, pulling her to meet his lean halfway. Their lips met amidst the slashes of camera lights; she slid her hands off his, wrapping him within the warmth of her cuddle *awwww* - it was such an exchange of affection. *The one time they both had to show how much they wanted to be together…how much they wanted to share their souls…how much they wanted to become one - right in front of the whole world. Indeed the scene played out like they had spent their past 6 years planning and acting it all out…they were one and all the multitude could afford was a loud shriek of excitement. Lolzz.
    To most ladies, the wedding kiss is the most romantic moment to look forward to as it foretells their spouse that their wedding is the beginning of an uninterrupted affection, which forever will remain green. It should be done with some concentration and commitment so as to tell your spouse how much you cherish that moment and would always want to have a replay of such scene….Mmmuaaaah!! *hehehe*. And, Be cautious of the duration because if it is too brief, it doesn’t seem passionate and if it’s prolonged, it might seem awkward. Just with your eyes partly closed, smile as you enjoy the moment. *lol*
    but then...
    That's just own personal opinion (the writers says and I am saying too dearies), I ask - would you like your wedding kiss or perhaps - how was your wedding kiss...*slow and sensual, wet and sloppy, short but passionate etc?
    How do you like it? be human is beautiful. ''


  1. Normally I would love something passionate, wet, deep, romantic, tasty, sweet and yummy and milky hehhehe

    OK, let me think and be real, I may be so shy hence make it quickie after all I have the whole day after that to have a sweet night of bliss and many more days ahead sef.

    That's cos I may be shy o if not would take my time and give it deep right away. Lol

    I just can't see

  2. It should be everything but sloppy! I fear I might not be able to do it well in front of the crowd though

  3. Yea that's d thing, the crowd may make me not wanna do it for so long...

  4. Short but passionate biko

  5. My wedding kiss was more like Kiss-me-and lets-leave-pls-alcohol-waiting!....We were looking forward to being alone....Nice blog!


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