Sisi Yemmie Pre-wedding photo shot!!!

The pre-wedding photos of sisiyemmie (of
Don't mind my amebo wahala, when you see something good it's nice to praise it now...
I can see love flowing in the air *dancing cos av got that invisible eye to see love. Hehhehe (wishing this great couples all the best)

These  pictures are so cute!! She look so glamorous and I they feel am die! Wishing her a wonderful marriage life with her swit boo. Kisses

Stolen all the way from her blog . don't tell anyone I stole it oh! Hehhehe, just didn't wanna let it go hence I needed to share this.


  1. Cute couple.

  2. Lovely em

  3. Aww,*screaming*the pictures are soo lovely. The location was well chosen.

  4. Sisi Yemmie and Bobo are so cute. I likey.

    What do you think of the maybelline kajal and colossal volume mascara? I don't like the smell of the mascara though. What do u think?

  5. They look beautiful together. Wish them happy married life.
    Thanks for stopping by at

    1. Thanks so much for checking her back too. I really appreciate

  6. Cute


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