Reincarnation And The Fairer Sex.

Do you believe in reincarnation? I remember I read a couple of novels which depicts it and I also remember these words in my local dialect "ti'n ba taye wa" which means "If I come again to this world". Some people use that word because of regrets, mistakes or turbulent moments they have faced in life and this words back up the point that there is his a huge believe about reincarnation. Most people are forced to say or wish there was really another chance in life to avoid the things that lead to their downfall, pains, mistakes etc. They wish they could turn back the hands of time and never take the wrong turn and choices...

How real are reincarnation stories? So many myths about it but a brain in my heart ponders how the world will be judged if reincarnation was real. For instance if after the first life Jesus tarries in His coming and then a man is given another chance of life, what life would be used to judge the deeds of that man?

Some people believe that some of the reasons some women are barren is because they had destroyed their wombs in the former life or some people have been born crippled because they had got their legs amputated etc.

In the traditional Ibo society I think there is a believe in 'Chi', I gained that knowledge from a couple of books. I remember "The Bottled Leopard" where a young guy was posessed by his 'chi' who had a leopard spirit. I also remember ''Joys of Motherhood'', how a woman lived a life of torment, pain and suffering because of her chi. She was a slave girl (her chi) who was killed innocently to be buried with the king. She had threatened to return and revenge and had taken a cutlass to create a scar on her face. Of course this scar was a big prove in her second life that she was that reincarnated Slave girl..

I remember how people say not all dead people go silent but some reincarnate not as a new babe but a grown up the way he or she was before death and then goes far away starting a new life. Some fall in love, get married, make friends but avoid ever seeing again their old time folks or acquaintances in the former life. Maybe they where once a Nigerian, they may travel far away to India having the same face and behavior but now being an Indian.

Let's not talk so much on reincarnation sef, some peeps may not like this gist so let's say what brought about this issue of reincarnation. OK, I hear a lot of people saying if I had the chance to come to this world again, I will never wanna be a girl. Women have wahala, this and that...they go ahead to praise men as bold, strong, the head and that even the bible counts them more. They need not to bear the labour pain and they keep saying more and more ending it that if reincarnation was real they will love to come back (again) as a man. Almost 90 percent of women I have seen  prefer to be men too if they were to make a choice so today I wanna know how many more are proud to be women just like me.

Uniqueness of me as a lady (personal hype)
1. we are sexy, the fairer sex! Soft and need to be handle with care. The Bible says husband love your wife and wife be submissive, hence he's got to love us more *winks, kidding o hehhehhe

2. We don't need to walk up to that guy but he's got to do the finding, he should beg for our love while we do some 'shakara' heheheehe, so proud of being a woman!

3. We are posh! All the Brazilian hair and makeover that rejuvenate our beauty and then you guys can't beat us in the game of fashion, can u? We are always the princess, we rock!

4. The labour pain is a bitter sweet experience because after all that pain we look into the eyes of our beautiful baby who came from inside of us, we craddle and hold him/her and feel satisfied and blessed being called a mama, we become semi gods in the eyes of our children and we feed them from our factory that very special sweet milk. What's the big deal about that labour pain, many women out there did it so why wouldn't we.

I can keep going on and on dearies but let me stop here..I am proud of being a woman and if it's true about reincarnation I would love to be a woman, beautiful,  over and over again!

Guys would you love to be a woman If it's true or let's talk about the uniqueness of a man. It's fun!

What's your believe about reincarnation?


  1. There are so many myths regarding reincarnation.

  2. Uhh....Temidayo - Ernie believes in Reincarnation...I mean if you grew up with chaotic people who swear at each start to believe and hope that in your next life, you are not gonna come to that family again....hehe....buh seriously If I had to come back to the world again, I would want to be a woman......If I look at the way I bother my husband with my needs - Naahhh I am not gonna be a man..haha

    1. Hahha so you keep enjoying yourself abi. Nice ooo, really sweet. *big smiles

  3. I don't really believe in it. Well igbos believe every one has a personal chi who determines our journey on earth and am like so a lazy man who can't take care of his home will say his chi is responsible for his poverty yeah?
    Yes, I would never trade my sex for nothing!

  4. hahaha we igbos we do. But i really dont

  5. Nice post Temi, the cool thing about being a guy is that life is really easy. We hustle for cash, chase multiple girls, don't spend hours preparing for the day as in powder and pancake et al, we drink as much as we can, and have little worries. life as a man is the best jari.

    Nice post Bubba, you are quite enlightened, I am in lof oh. Lmao.

    A fun read as usual. :) Cheers Bubba

    1. Yea dearie, I realise It's good when we appreciate our sex. Being a male or woman have it's merit and it's beautiful being who we are.

      Thank dear for your comment


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