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Hi my sugar pies, cocopops, candy candy. OK guys I have being so lazy lately. Maybe this month just started that way due to my professional exam i had to prepare for the other time. Unfortunately I haven't been posting even though I have a lot of topics aligned for future post. Being blog lazy since then.

Let me just call this a quick post because am right here on my bed thinking of you guys, how some peeps would already feel discouraged that isn't this babe gonna post again, with rolling eye balls. Yea guys am trying to work harder cos I know I ought to, I wish I could always have post here to keep you guys ever entertained.

OK straight to the point...I have a couple of naughty friends on my bbm *winks. They read this blog but never post instead they prefer to share there views via bbm chat. Hmmm *straight face, darins God ooo. You better repent, hehhehe..

One of my friend said I post only love and relationship matters and I was like What!! I have a lot of post on them but it isn't so just all about them. This blog is focused on areas of my interest so deviating from it will mean boredom. When I post about love and relationship it's cos I have a passion for such topics. When I write about beauty and fashion it's cos I have a huge interest for it. I also love talking about life generally cos there are a lot to gain from it. Now finally there is something about me I didn't tell you guys "I love horror and adventure movies" vampire movies, zombie movies and the likes....if you find that interesting just like I do, I am introducing a very controversial blog which is a kind of horror one too ""The mysterious Blog"   you can check it out by clicking on it. Goodnight peeps, have a wonderful night rest.


  1. I have so many friends like that too. They read my blog and post comment on bbm chat. There's notin we can do na. We'll just keep praying for them *hahaha*

  2. Lol I just discovered some friends like urs yesterday. At least dy visit..some would be like no bc ere. Lol still love them. I hate horror movies but I will still click the blog to do amebo

  3. All those friends that pushed me to start blogging are nowhere to be found now. Mtschew. Thank God for people like you


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