Poetry From A Broken Hearted Zone

Days after days, I spend my life without you, It's like a dream but it's so real not having you,
I reach my arms to the wind but it brings you not, My tears forms a sea but the weaves could bring you not,
For you are now a shadow that I can only see but can't hold and feel....

Days after days my heart bleeds for your love again, The twin cries every season calling your love again,
When would you come back that I smile once morWhen your absence flashes on me I tremble more,
Your arms were my paradise but you made me fall like a bad angel in hell...

Like drops of water I no more can hold you,I wish one thing that you return again
Right now I sing this melancholy from a broken hearted zone only making wishes I hope may be real....

Hello lovies, this I adapted from one of my write ups, an upcoming novel actually, "Cries of the Twin". It was a poetic letter written by a guy to his lost lover. When I was writing that novel I got inspired to make these collection of words trying to create a sad theme that could bring a drop of tear from the eyes because I wasn't feeling like I was the writer anymore but like I was just a visitor who watched all that transpired between the lovers.

Guys, I would be done with that book "Cries of The Twin" but first I still haven't release my long awaiting first novel to be published "The Striker's Night" it's been a long while now and I am sure you may have read a little of it from this blog (pieces) but it's getting reloaded and will be out soon, of course as a free eBook here on this blog. I really hope I get that done on time because I have a lot on my mind (more books to be released) like "Brotherhood of Vampires", "Diary of a Slave girl", "Broken Trust" and "Prince of The Centuries". I am having some challenges as regard that for now but I hope and will work hard to get them published on time.

On the issue of that poem, I hope you did enjoy it anyway and please don't mind me, when it comes to poetry I am so much of an amateur but I am happy that I am learning more. All I know is I love words anyway I could use to express feelings, create any kind of atmosphere or theme which could create a deeper meaning and interpretation more than it appears on the surface.

I knew I love writting but just didn't know how good it was and hence this was the initial reason for blogging to share my thoughts and write ups to the world and get some feedback through their thoughts too via the comment box on this blog but so far I am happy and I know things wil work just the way it ought to be. So guys let me tell you something, actually, It's being a long while now I met a friend so good at poetry with all the rhyming and complexity and with him I knew I have a long way to go meh! We got exchanging ideas which I appreciated and I was so excited about that. One of the things told me was that I was good at my fictions. I hope I really have the chance to learn and develop in this part I have chosen. So guys why I'm saying all these is because I want you to understand how much I need your constructive critism *winks.

Would be dropping my small pen now dear, I hope you do have a lovely night and don't forget to stay tune on this blog. Kisses


  1. Very inspirational, thanks for sharing this.

  2. #yawn just one word to him

    There’s a reason “lose”
    Is within the word “close,”
    It’s because you can even lose
    Those who are close to you.

    1. Oh cool, you are talking about it rhyming better right.

      Thank dear for that..

  3. Oh wow this is nice...would love to read your book whenever it's ready...**smiles**

  4. I don't like poetry normally but this got me. Nice one swits. I nominated your blog for the Liebster award. Please check it out on my blog

    1. Awww thanks so much. I really do appreciate *hugs

  5. Thanks for sharing, so touching, i love it. http://jenniquecreatives.blogspot.co.uk/


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