My Silence Is Over...

Happy new month beautiful people, my first post this month! I am shouting out to you guys tonight and saying a big thanks to you for your constant check on this blog and your comments. I am fully back now to stay and share with you guys a whole lot.

Special thanks to you Amaka for your love and care, you are one in a million *hugs.  I am also giving a loud shout out to blog visitor Duro Adolphus for your love and comments, you are very much welcomed and appreciated. 

 on another hand let me explain the reason for that long break.  I actually had my professional exams and I had to take a break to study better but unfortunately after my exams I encountered a little problem with my phone. The screen got broken and so I had been offline until I got it repaired.  All this while I had been so bored and inspirations where no more but all the same am sorry for that long break, I feel I will blog better now because I have got myself an alternative means of blogging.  It hadn't been so easy blogging with my phone, was quite hectic and sometimes lot of typo errors as a result of that, then I had to read over countless times and  but now things will be better.

Expect some more post in a bit. kissses 


  1. Welcome back maam!(: we missed you

  2. My sugar is back! Whoop! Whoop!!
    I blog with my phone too oh, it's so hectic so I type on my laptop and transfer to my phone since it's my modem I can't find.
    Am glad you are back darling

  3. Thanks so much Luv, I really do appreciate dear. The phone thing is just so uneasy blogging with it, especially this my own o, I may press o and before I know it Na I go show.

    Thanks once again deari

  4. Wow Temi, my am I humbled. I was just stalking your Blog as usual, and stumbled on this post.

    Thank you so much for the Mention Baby mi, I am wearing my cutest smile cause of you At The Moment oh! **winks. Trust your Exams went well?

    Bia Woman, did you say Blog Visitor??? Hell No!!! I am a Share holder of Exclusive now oh! Gone are the visiting days. :)

    You have a pretty neat Blog, and I am glad to be a part of the Big beautiful Exclusive dream. Please keep the good work up. Cheers Bubba.

  5. Wow! Thanks so much for your words so great and encouraging, may God bless u!

    And I agree o, u aren't a blog visitor anymore but an exclusive guy, hence a shareholder of exclusivetins *winks!

    Thanks once again deari...


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