A lesson I learnt in life about loving myself more just the way I am

So right now I will be talking about loving and appreciating ourselves just the way we are and being happy in life with whatever state we find ourselves.

I am sure almost everyone out there has one or two things you wish you could change about ourself. Some may be character, others physical look, financial status or more but the funny thing about life that the exact way you are which gives you pain is the dream of another person.

What you hate about yourself is what another person craves for. Ok let's talk about me here. Guys I won’t lie I used to feel so badly that I am this slim. I am sure those that know me personally will be asking, like seriously? Alright those who haven't seen me before, I am not so slim o, hehhe, I am an average in the sense that I am not fat and not so slim but I just wish I could add a little weight so I could look much older. I tried taking some multivitamins but just not working out, naturally I don’t eat much and am sure if humans can live without eating then I would have been one of such human. I could go on just junks for 3 days before feeling the need to eat real food so you should know by now how hard it is for me to actually eat. Sometimes I forget I haven't eaten sef.

I wanted to be fat not so much but just adding a little but whenever I ate beyond my capacity it goes rather into my tummy so I realised no need forcing myself on that. Again on the weight gain journey of mine, I scanned through the net but all I could see is how to loss weight and all, lots of blogs and even individuals battling with weight loss but I was so different angling for the opposite and am sure if it was possible to exchange I will have asked some of those pump babes to give me some fats especially in those necessary places *winks!

 I remember a story of a poor man my dad told me about who was tired of life. He had just a cloth, could hardly eat sufficiently although God gave him his daily bread so one day he decided to kill himself by hanging. He got a rope and a stool and headed to the trees in d bush, with annoyance he striped himself off his clothes and has he stood on the stool with the robe about to hang himself,  he saw another naked man running like a monkey towards his clothes and praising God for the gift of having something to cover his nakedness. He had wished at least a cloth to wear and was now grateful for the one he managed to see. The man who earlier wanted to commit suicide realized how someone wanted that very present state he was and so badly was it needed, he changed his mind about killing himself because he realised he was actually better than someone.

So guys that’s life, whatever state we are, we have people better and people wishing they were us. That story pinpoints the issue of loving ourselves the way we are, been grateful to God and seeing the good sides of ourselves but that is not the main thing sef.  Few days ago I was discussing with a male friend and he told me how he had visited the home of disabled people, saw so many of them, some born deaf and dumb, blind, crippled, smelling and more we talked about so many things together about life and how man always look out for the very best and no matter what condition we find ourselves, we keep wanting.

How about those sleeping under the bridges, with no hope for tomorrow, no dreams and aspirations, but here we are active, beautiful, comfortable like being able to eat when we need to, having a bed to lay upon and a roof to cover us, we are able to buy clothes even though not the latest that makes it obvious that we are huge fashion lovers we are not able to get all the colorful things and look so flashy yet we are very much better than so many people out there.

I took a look at many people who are less privileged and reflecting on the good sides of me and realised they are so many too hence we should learn to love the way we are and be happy always because we are better than so many people out there and that which hurts us is what they crave for.

Thanks for your time and visit. I hope this post touches someone out there and puts a smile on his/her face. *kisses


  1. Well said babe. Self love is important

  2. Ya I totally got what you are saying, I used to feel that way but not in terms of physical appearance though.

  3. i agree with you, true talk. but sometimes when we forget about peoples problems, we then tend not to appreciate ourself. i have my skin care post NEW POST UP ON MY BLOG http://jenniquecreatives.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. The message is clear. And the lessons are heart reaching. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Very well said Temi. Its funny how that which we have but despise, is cherished and adored by another. But you know what they say in Economics now : "Human wants are insatiable"

    Really inspiring read, you are a fabulous writer, ad will make a super inspirational speaker (This one no be wash or Dryclean oh, i am for real) Cheers Bubba, and thank you soooo much for this great post. Udo

    1. Hahhha aii deari, thanks so much for your words I really do appreciate.

  6. God bless you Temmie!

  7. Nice article. Motivating


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