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Sisi Yemmie Pre-wedding photo shot!!!

The pre-wedding photos of sisiyemmie (of Don't mind my amebo wahala, when you see something good it's nice to praise it now...

Read "The Horror Blog"...The mysterious Blog!!!

Hi my sugar pies, cocopops, candy candy. OK guys I have being so lazy lately. Maybe this month just started that way due to my professional exam i had to prepare for the other time. Unfortunately I haven't been posting even though I have a lot of topics aligned for future post. Being blog lazy since then.

Let me just call this a quick post because am right here on my bed thinking of you guys, how some peeps would already feel discouraged that isn't this babe gonna post again, with rolling eye balls. Yea guys am trying to work harder cos I know I ought to, I wish I could always have post here to keep you guys ever entertained.

Liebster Award For ETB....

Exclusivetins Blog got nominated for the liebster award. So right now I wanna say a big thanks to Mobolaji of for nominating me. You are such a darling, Oya take this invisible rose from me to you. *hugs*
This award is basically for new and upcoming bloggers/blogs with less than 200 blog followers. It's a great way to discover new blogs and get to know other bloggers, a great way of promoting and supporting other blogs. THE RULES...
1.You must link the person's blog who nominated you for the award.
2.Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you.
3.Pick an additional 11 people to nominate with UNDER 200 blog followers.
4.You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.
5.You must inform the nominees that have been nominated. Below are my questions and answers. 1. Why did you start blogging?
Actually, it was a childhood thing, I had so many things on my little mind, hence, I grew up to start putting them in paper. I write about almost every ste…

Trend Alert: The Transparent Acessories

I stumbled on this and I am so loving it. It's the transparent clutches also called clear clutch. It's a kind of show off trend where you get to showcase those expensive gadgets you've got, your beautiful make up items, designer shades and more. A really cool trend.
Check out some more beautiful pictures below: isn't just all about the clear clutches but there are other beautiful transparent items (accessories) invoke. They are often called 'Lucite'. Check some out.

Can you be spotted wearing this cap?

Hi guys, good morning. I saw this cap yesterday and I was like 'good creativity' but guys would you ever wanna wear this?  Made from that popular 'Ghana Must Go' bag.
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Reincarnation And The Fairer Sex.

Do you believe in reincarnation? I remember I read a couple of novels which depicts it and I also remember these words in my local dialect "ti'n ba taye wa" which means "If I come again to this world". Some people use that word because of regrets, mistakes or turbulent moments they have faced in life and this words back up the point that there is his a huge believe about reincarnation. Most people are forced to say or wish there was really another chance in life to avoid the things that lead to their downfall, pains, mistakes etc. They wish they could turn back the hands of time and never take the wrong turn and choices...

How real are reincarnation stories? So many myths about it but a brain in my heart ponders how the world will be judged if reincarnation was real. For instance if after the first life Jesus tarries in His coming and then a man is given another chance of life, what life would be used to judge the deeds of that man?

Some people believe that som…

Poetry From A Broken Hearted Zone

Days after days, I spend my life without you, It's like a dream but it's so real not having you,
I reach my arms to the wind but it brings you not, My tears forms a sea but the weaves could bring you not,
For you are now a shadow that I can only see but can't hold and feel....

Days after days my heart bleeds for your love again, The twin cries every season calling your love again,
When would you come back that I smile once morWhen your absence flashes on me I tremble more,
Your arms were my paradise but you made me fall like a bad angel in hell...

Like drops of water I no more can hold you,I wish one thing that you return again
Right now I sing this melancholy from a broken hearted zone only making wishes I hope may be real....

Hello lovies, this I adapted from one of my write ups, an upcoming novel actually, "Cries of the Twin". It was a poetic letter written by a guy to his lost lover. When I was writing that novel I got inspired to make these collection of words tryi…

A lesson I learnt in life about loving myself more just the way I am

So right now I will be talking about loving and appreciating ourselves just the way we are and being happy in life with whatever state we find ourselves.

I am sure almost everyone out there has one or two things you wish you could change about ourself. Some may be character, others physical look, financial status or more but the funny thing about life that the exact way you are which gives you pain is the dream of another person.
What you hate about yourself is what another person craves for. Ok let's talk about me here. Guys I won’t lie I used to feel so badly that I am this slim. I am sure those that know me personally will be asking, like seriously? Alright those who haven't seen me before, I am not so slim o, hehhe, I am an average in the sense that I am not fat and not so slim but I just wish I could add a little weight so I could look much older. I tried taking some multivitamins but just not working out, naturally I don’t eat much and am sure if humans can live without…

Fashion Tips For Fashion Lovers..

Being fashionable is about being crazy about your looks, choosing the right shades of colors that matches and feels good on you, and to always be spotted looking glamorous even on simple wears. Unfortunately a lot of people out there don't have all that money to keep up to date with all the fashion trends and crazy hot styles that will keep all eyes on them hence today we will be reviewing some pretty lovable ways to rock your style with the little cash available.

Before I proceed there are a couple of people who have all the cash in the world to get all the beautiful outfits but lack the sense of fashion, how to combine and match outfits the right way so nevertheless i am sure this post will be useful too.

Alright lets ride on...Allwomenstalk outlined 7 ways to dress to be best dressed always so lets review  (re blogging it) it here:

Knowing what colors work best for you is one of the best ways to be the best dressed. For example, I am a blonde. Therefore, I …

Beautiful Naija Artiste, Sunkanmi releases new music

Hi guys....

I just listened to the new music released by beautiful fast rising artiste Olasunkanmi. She is at it again, the 'Casanova' diva just released a new music 'Owo' which means 'money' in Yoruba dialect. I am sure you would have been hearing her music on the radio and all so here is another beautiful one you would love.

Click here to download it or you can download it directly from this Blog.

Share with friends, you can follow her on twitter and instagram so you get updates on her songs.

So Sweet, A wedding Kiss!!!

Beautiful peeps, how are you guys? This is another post inspired by my brother, he sent me the content that I should post it here so let me give credits that anonymous composer who actually wrote this (wasn't me). Great job! I hope you didn't miss Wedding Night of Bliss it is a must read oo. Alright guys, lets ride on.. ''love was what they shared, the feeling was that of joy and peace as they prayed for a lasting life together. They savored the priceless message engraved in the sermon and were also blessed by the excerpt in the scriptures. They danced gracefully to the beautiful tunes presented by the Band and recited the vows that seem to mean the world over to them. It was glaring they were in love and finally the stage was set for one last act; one final show of affection…the very last opportunity to show the whole world how much they mean to each other. The clergy was the anchor and as the word streamed through the lips, the silence couldn't have been matched…

My Silence Is Over...

Happy new month beautiful people, my first post this month! I am shouting out to you guys tonight and saying a big thanks to you for your constant check on this blog and your comments. I am fully back now to stay and share with you guys a whole lot.

Special thanks to you Amaka for your love and care, you are one in a million *hugs.  I am also giving a loud shout out to blog visitor Duro Adolphus for your love and comments, you are very much welcomed and appreciated. 

 on another hand let me explain the reason for that long break.  I actually had my professional exams and I had to take a break to study better but unfortunately after my exams I encountered a little problem with my phone. The screen got broken and so I had been offline until I got it repaired.  All this while I had been so bored and inspirations where no more but all the same am sorry for that long break, I feel I will blog better now because I have got myself an alternative means of blogging.  It hadn't been so easy b…