Would You Love A Boy Friend Jean Over A Statement Printed Trouser?

I remember back then when you visited your boyfriend and then he pulled off his shirt to make you feel alright because you were cold and then you looked sexy when you wore it. Then you guys just sat somewhere maybe in the cushion and were busy having some romantic times.

Check out how you can pair a boyfriend shirt with the right accessories if you don't know because it's trending.

So this season the boy friend's clothing is so on point because there are beautiful ones specially made for we ladies and a lot of ladies now go on those sexy over size jean like the one's guys wear. Oh yes! The boyfriend's trouser is in town.

See pictures below;
You can get full details of it here: JUSTPORSH on how to pair or  wear it better.

Before going to the topic of the day am sure you love the boyfriend jean right, it gives this hard girl look or a sexy tomboy look but what about a statement printed trousers like the pictures below:

So I love both and was wondering which I really refer.

Would you prefer a boyfriend Jean over a statement printed trouser or what do you think?


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