Who Said Men Have Got No Fashion Sense..check these out!!

Who says only women rule the fashion world? Men also do and I love it when a guy pays attention to style. Yea, guys wouldn't spend all that money on clothes and wears like women do but a lot of men are great fashionista and it isn't a bad ideal, fabulous I must say

 Check out these fashion outfit worn by top models and some random fashionistas.....

A couple of guys prefer to spend money on perfumes and most guys like simplicity but I feel even at that you could always look clean, modest, decent, cute and sassy when you choose the right clothes that suite.
Are you thinking of what style you could sew for that nice African fabric or some cute English wears? Check some out here...

Aren't they cute?


  1. I am of the opinion that guys that take care of themselves too much are gay...that's just my opinion

    1. Lolzz. Hmmm u are right but of course every rule as an exception so there are def so many guys who are crazy fashionista but aren't gay.

      To me I love a guy that is got a sense of 'style' lemme not use the word 'fashion' for now. It's cool when a guy pays attention to how to his looks and I love guys that pays attention to how he smells by considering nice perfumes and then looking neat and attractive but of course it shouldn't be too much. Shouldn't be like girls do and in fact I wouldn't want a guy that struggles with the mirror with me, he shouldn't competite but I want a classic and stylist guy all the same. *smiles

      Thanks for checking here, gonna check your blog right away *hugs

    2. One of my ex ehn! Tobi do pass woman! Relax his hair with kit, shape eyebrows, use lipgloss, fine boy kill am. It was part of why we broke up. I don't like vain guys

    3. Awww that was to the extreme. I don't like that for a guy too


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