When You Just Can't Change Him....2

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Annette story continues....

There were days I had to explain to him to free himself of thinking and that all he needed to do was go to God in prayers. He is the one who can wash off our sins and make us as white as snow again.

There was a memorable day he had told me to catch up with him somewhere but unfortunately I waited endlessly for him and he was no where within my reach, that was heartbreaking when I realised he had gone out with his friends to drink and the worse of it was he was becoming an addict. 

I thought within me why on earth! This is someone who is complaining about his past, someone who hates seeing light, who isn't happy about his past and yet I see no willingness to make any change.

 Telling you about what I discovered about him is not necessary but the fact is I wanted to change him, so we fight it together because even though we may not be a perfect match maybe I should at least create an impact in his life.

I didn't desire to be a lover this time but but an helper. Unfortunately he walked away from my life finally either because he felt he didn't deserve a good girl like me (that's what he usually say) or maybe I wasn't just the kind of girl he wanted. 

Now let me ask 3 questions
1. Do you think you can win a guy over and change him all by yourself? 
2. Do you think being a good girl or acting like one will make him have a soft spot for you?
3. Can you actually make a guy understand what it means to fight an habit and eventually win it?

The answer is sometimes, in other words it doesn't work all the time.

Why you can't change him:
 Even the most pure and godly love cannot change a man unless he is willing to.

How you can change him: 
prayers alone can  and again maybe if you can talk him to have that willingness to change.

In a nutshell:
 there are various attitude or habits guys or girls may have not necessarily the one in the story above. Maybe he is a womaniser, drunk, molester or she is a cheat. If you desire so hard to change that person than prayer must come first and that determination, else you better walk out of that relationship. When you can't change one you better walk out of that person or leave to accept the flaws but if you are ready to make the changes then do the prayer therapy first.

I learnt something from this write up and Annette story. I dunno about you but I hope some day someone out there would.

Thanks.... Temmie.


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