When You Just Can't Change Him...1

Hi people am back again with some relationship matters, this one is just a part 1 of what I wanna share so I decided to cut the long story short and not bore you up with something too lengthy but mind you this isn't where I'm heading to but read this first.

Have you ever dated a weird guy before? I mean someone who's atitude is so terrible not because he doesn't treat you right but because he doesn't treat himself right and that is because he's got some dark past and secrets hunting him and then you try to fight with him to make him understand you truely care but unfortunately he walks away from your life believing he doesn't deserve to be yours.

Memoirs of Annette: Annette shares her story...
I met this guy Chika back then in my 200 level, it was obvious he wasn't in love with me (but he liked me in a way) and although I can't really call what I had for him love my feelings where true and pure. I wished him all the best and I really did like him.

How we met; I happened to have attended a Private University here in Nigeria and we usually have a week of spiritual revival every semester because it was a Chirstian institute.
One fateful evening during that week usually called 'spirit koko' among the students I happened to have sat beside this tall charming looking guy but we both didn't notice ourselves until the preacher cracked a joke and everyone 'burnt' with laughter then I just turned around to the next chair beside me while I was busy laughing too only to see Chika. He gave a warm smile and winked his eyes but I can't remember how we got talking. That day he walked me off to my hostel and we said goodbye.

I rolled on my bed and I felt something unusual eddy on me. It was a good feeling but I was so enthusiastic about getting his call which I never did. I felt disappointed but tried to let it be..

One fateful day I happened to meet him again, it was possible because 2 days after I had met him he had actually called me and I was so happy knowing that seeing him around school premises or lecture halls was almost an impossible thing. That very night we both strolled and laughed together and I did really like him but maybe I just didn't take note of the real him then but things began to unravel about who he was.

Firstly, I noticed he hardly smiled, never liked been outside during the day and in fact when we walked together and a ray of light shone on his face he was some how uneasy with himself.
It was obvious he's got a bad past and things hunting him but I really needed to make him understand some things. I wasn't bothered about why he never really believed in love even though he needed to understand that love could actually work things in a way for him.

I will tell you some things I noticed that made me feel so sad for him, I knew he needed someone and I was ready to be there not as a girl friend or lover this time but as a messenger of love and happiness to help him out of his dirty past and make him understand that he's got better days ahead...

Don't worry part 2 is on the way....


  1. Pls make it fast temmi,i would love 2 read 2 d end.


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