The Rules: good and to be kept or childish?

My childhood was a fantastic one just like many of you out there. Back in the days my mind wanders about so many things and at a tender age I got obessed with love matters. This isn't just about the usual romantic or erotic love but also loving and respecting people I see around me and trying to always respect and make people happy.

Back then I had a slum book and also a small cute diary where I wrote so many things I learnt from my elder sister, (who I looked up to as a role model) sharing ideals with friends and then also I got some personal inspirations.

Now bringing these 3 together I got some rules about love and life and how to play 'the game' perfectly. I put up a huge interest in studying people and why they act the way they do.  In the process I saw myself also as a love doctor who could tell you the truth about your relationship and if your boo truly loves you or not.
Well to a large extend I could predict but of course who was I to actually know the real mind of anyone, I was just human.

To cut the long story short I drew up rules like I earlier said, gotten from my sister, personal inspiration, friends and sorry I forgot to add 'books'. I remember reading a book tittled '21 Common Mistakes Women Make" and also "Rules For Teens". My rules where many but let me list a few:

1. Never show up on a first date with a guy or if you must do, ensure you go late or else he thinks you are cheap to get!

2. Never let a guy kiss you too nearly in a relationship!

3. Never tell a guy you've got a bad shape or a bad family!

4. Never you tell a guy "I love you" first

5. Never tell a guy you are dating that you are sorry "a lady must be strict and have dignity"

They were many and I can't start listing right now but as I grew up I realised my rules weren't working and relationships weren't just working out and so I decided to act as my mind directs me. Just live, don't be cheap but as a lady you need to endure some little things so stuffs works out well.

What is your opinion on this? Where hose rules some kind of childish rules, too strict, or irrelevant and again I wanna ask, did you guys ever keep to some similar kind of rule?


  1. Lool it's like you're the sister I never had oh! I mean these were my rules back then but it wasn't just working. Somehow I think these rules acted like some check and balance else I won't know the number of guys I've sampled oh! *covers face* now I follow my mind abeg.

  2. Hmm, yea seems a lot of us kept those rules


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